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New 2008 yamaha

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Sleddog, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I'd love me one of those 08 R1's, there is so much more technology in it than my 98 blade
  2. Click at the top of the page to see the cruisers also.

    Even if your not into cruisers see the new Raiser S custom ,looks very cool.
  3. yep they look the same as last year with new paint.....a race bike with blinkers and a numberplate holder

    whats the r6s??? i thought aus only got the r6 :?
  4. the link is for the US site - who knows what models will be brought out here? normally a pretty good indication tho.
  5. gotta disagree !
    Not OCC enough !, you can still see over the handlebars :grin: .
  6. I could ,don't know if you could. :LOL:
  7. hm the r6 is sex on wheel :LOL:
  8. I Like the air intake on the new R6, though it is teh same as what every one else is doing, so looses a bit of the unigueness.
  9. Hmmm, by the time im bike shopping maybe the new R6 is out here! Oh yeah baby...... :wink:
  10. The R6 shape is the same, but engine and frame differences are quite impressive. I like! :cool:
  11. I've always liked the r6, it's one of the best looking bikes out there at the moment in my opinion and with these slight changes it looks even better. Now, how do I get longer legs??
  12. Surgery can work wonders, and playing with the screws in your legs can be fun! Think of it as tweaking your suspension :)

    Have you noticed that bikes are putting on weight? Current Gixxer, R1 and now R6 are all a bit heavier than the models they replaced.
  13. I am happy.. there is a new Yamah Tenere coming.. not sure about Aus, but it is veryyyy cool.. :grin:
  14. Looove the Yamies, i could splurge and get the 2008 R1 = sex on wheels :cool:

    But the haven't changed the engine or ratios at all, so its not worth it, except to get the black with golden logos :wink:

    You gotta give it to Yamaha, they know how to put together a killer gallery....


  15. Buy a Yamaha and you buy into a whole series of clutch and gearbox problems :LOL:
  16. This is why kawa has never won a flag, except being flagged to pull back into the pits!
  17. Your point being? I couldn't give a shit about kwakas either, I was just pointing out how shit Yamaha is. :roll: