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New 2008 Gixxer 600

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by pro-pilot, Sep 18, 2007.

  1. Would the 600 need the selectable maps though?
    Only reason I can think is if you want fuel economy.

    From the reviews I read the 1000 needs it, especially when riding in wet conditions.

    Looks sweet, wonder what colour schemes Australia will get
  2. The selectable mapping is a very cheap add-on for Suzuki, if they think it'll add anything they'll include it. But as polako says, it's a 600, why would you want any less power?
  3. [​IMG]

    Now imagine it in matt black, de-stickered and with a Taylormade exhaust. [​IMG]
  4. sexy as
  5. Yeah, 'cos people like roarin who ride 60hp bikes go slow as.

    I reckon there's something to be said for learning to ride a low-powered bike quickly. After coming off the R1 to the 675, it's made me really aware of just how lazy of a rider the power of a litre bike makes you. It's taken me a while to learn to adapt, but I'm almost back at the point where I'm as fast on the 675 as on the R1, and I'd say that I'm a much better rider for the experience.
  6. I never thought I'd say this but I REALLY like the looks on this SUZUKI (please let the dark purple/blue and black remain)!!! :LOL:
    Honestly, the 750 is definitely on my dream list now (slightly bellow the 675, slightly above the 600RR '07 :p ). I guess I'll just keep on dreaming!! :LOL: :LOL:
  7. Noob wet conditions mode (maybe less throttle response)
    Street mode (power at lower revvs)
    Race mode (power at higher revvs)
  8. Pretty cool, wouldn't mind seeing the black/black and red/white ones. That headlight though, is it just me or does has something very similar been used on another bike? It looks reeeeally familiar.
  9. It looks like a cross between a Fireblade and a GSXR headlights stuck together.
  10. The selectable maps really only change the fuel / air mixture and firing timings.
    The issue is not less power, it is to affect the power curve.

    I have this on my R1

    If you select the rich, forward timed map, you get a majority of tourque and power down low at the expense of top end speed.

    The latter setting deliver power high up the RPM scale and runs much leaner.
  11. I'm down with that bike! You could cut the muffler off just where it turns to matte black and it would look horn.
  12. Not too bad looking. Loks a little chunky for a 600. Not too sure of the exhaust though. Looks too big for the bike. I like the colour scheme. nice and bold.
    How do they get the bike to stand like that? photoshop maybe.
  13. anyone else notice how the white part of the paint job makes an 'X'?

    very cool.
  14. this is simply bliss!

    Black on black would be sweet as a night in with angelina Jolie ....

    wonder when she'll hit aussie turf?

    wonder if its only cosmetic changes or more ???
  15. I think it looks great. Only question is why did they make the seat blue?
  16. Is this a complete redesign for for GSX-R 600 in 2008?
  17. That looks sweeet. I love the blue seat, glad theyve kept the blue rims. Exhaust is fugly though, I prefer my little stubby one. Dont know about A ,B ,C mode though on that bike. I ride the 07 1000 every 2nd day and muck around with that power map thingy, but its not really a neccesity., Bike is so rider friendly its not gonna chuck you off anyway. I like to refer to "A" for animal, "B" for bumming around and "C" for chicken. Ive used "C" in the wet and then switched to "A" with no disastrous effects.Its all about throttle control. . Only thing with coloured seats though they can mark, seen the red seats after a few years, theyre filthy. Wonder how the blue would hold up.
  18. The black one would definitely be my pick! :cool: