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New 2008 CBR Fireblade

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by diro, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Because undertail exhausts are ugly!

    For a Honda, that's not bad.
  2. wow... the 600 is so sweeet..... like earth to sky from 07!
  3. I like it. I want one.

  4. new 600 will have the same technology bits as this years. New finish so so!

    Will be holding onto my 07 600 for a little while :grin:

    As for the new 1000. I'll buy one and stick a jardine moto gp on it!
    Not sure about the indicators on the mirrors though! (tooooo gixxr).
  5. That's HOT! :cool:

    haha, true! :)
  6. Because everyone is running scared of the new Euro emmisions regulations :wink:.
  7. the 08 model just looks munted
    its as if they were designing it from the back and when they got to the front of it they just ran outta ideas or time and just stopped

    all in all the paint n such looks mint but it just doesnt look any good :/
    oh well

    thats why i not riding a honda :D
  8. Please somebody stab me in the eyes, that's too ugly to see again :cry:
  9. O.K. I am confused
    The 600 is all angular and agressive...
    The 1000 is well round and bulbus and boaring...
    They must have had diferent design teams work on them.
    As for the manky little snubbed exhaustes, it is because that is what teh GP Bikes have so they make the street bikes look similar.

    As for the giger reference, I think that is just teh paint work not the bike...
  10. That was my point. I don't think the bike has changed at all from the 07, but the new colour scheme is IMO one of the best I've seen on any bike.
  11. I suppose we have been so used to the full size exhaust that we have had for years. I never liked the triangular muff on the GSXR.... spose we just have to live with it or change them out as long as it doesn't effect performance/tuning or warranty when new.
  12. If the engine is half as stunning as it's looks... I'm guessing honda are tired of building "the comfortable one" and "the practical one" and have finally decided to build "the fast one".
    It's the first honda in a long time that's looked a generation ahead of its rivals.
  13. the exhaust is pretty meh, but at least its not captain safty anti aircraft cannons sticking out its arse like the gixxer.
    damn Euro 3 regs...
  14. Evolution, not revolution, as they say. Just looks like another CBR. Not that it's a bad thing, but it's not setting any new benchmarks now, is it?

    Kinda par for the course over at Honda these days. Can be a bit slow-moving on new ideas. :)
  15. ok i agree that the 1000 looked a bit wierd but i really liked that 600. unfortunately im not quite a rider yet, still pondering on getting L plates, but i found a nice little mod for the cbr250rr (im nowhere near up for a 600 or 1000).

    for such an old bike its a body mod which gives both the 1000 and 600 a run for their money. slick, modern and a good paint job makes it look like a bigger bike.

    check it out fellers

    tell us what you think
    cheers ;)
  16. nice, they even recommend you get an angle grinder onto the frame.
  17. Thats the Graffiti scheme from the US market. It seems that we get the Euro schemes here in Aus. Such a shame because I loved last years Pearl White and Silver (US)! Still, dont know what the 2008 Euro schemes will look like.