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New 2006 VFR?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by FormerUser2, Sep 7, 2005.

  1. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

  2. Is THIS why you're selling the 800, marty??? tasty, if true!
  3. That photoshop nightmare has been around for a few months now. Not what I'd like to see the VFR become. Either way the bike is already built and ready to go so it's a moot point until the release.

    I'm hoping for a 900-1000cc V4 without that wanky Vtec but I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Very nice.

    I'm a little over underseat exhausts but still :drool:

    I take it the little pipe under the footpegs is an exhaust as well?
  5. if it IS a v5 then it's going to have some down, some up in the exhaust dept, i'd guess
  6. good to see others applying the KISS principle to bikes.
  7. I like the ZX10
  8. That thing is damn UGLY :shock:

  9. Really? I havn't paid much attention too them since they went to 800, but there was nothing fancy about them during the 90's.

    The last tick thing they did was the single sided swingarm thing.

    RVF yes. VFR? Like I said they might have some gadgets in the latest.
  10. As far as gadgets the VFR800 has the single sided swingarm, linked brakes (love 'em or hate 'em), gear driven cams, ABS as an option in Europe (i think?), that tossy pretend Vtec for the latest model and other stuff I can't recall. It's always been a showcase for new tricks to be tried out, some good some a total wank (can you guess which ones go where in my opinion? ;) ). God help Honda if they don't get this incarnation right!
    Or so help me, I'll carry on like a big girl and have a good cry!
  11. So that's why they are soo bloody dear!

    (though I hardly think gear driven cams are a new trick!)
  12. The 1984 VF1000R had gear driven cams and an engine that weighed nearly 100 kg dry and was a total bastard to work on, one of the biggest drawbacks with a multi V design IMO.
  13. It really shits me that a new Blackbird is thousands cheaper than the VFR. I gather there might be a major redesign for the 'bird?
  14. Marty - what happened to Project V-Strom ?
  15. The Blackbird is everything that the VFR should be, it just needs more luggage options.
  16. The bird is too slow handling compared to the VFR and lacks what the VFR owners love, ie a V4. Good bikes but you;d be hard pressed to find a VFR owner who'd agree the 'bird is how the VFR should go.
  17. You know scooter, you REALLY need to get out more. There have been other brilliant bikes produced that didn't have the magic word "triumph" on the tank, and some of them have actually been better!

    Take off your Hinkley-coloured glasses for a while.

    :roll: :roll: :roll:
  18. I rather hope that the new VFR ISN'T a V5. The feel and sound of the V4 is what has made this model one of Honda's most enduring and endearing.

    It's pointless comparing the VFR to the Blackbird. They were designed to appeal to different riders and there appears to be little cross-over between the two camps.

    The fact that the VFR (1995-1997 model) was voted Cycle Guide's "Bike of the Year" for 3 consecutive years indicates that Honda got the formula spot on. Witness the fact that, apart from panniers and a different pipe, most VFR's seem to be pretty much the way they left the factory, without need for a raft of "extras" also points out this fact.

    I hope they don't mess with the formula too much. There's nothing like the howl of a V4 on full song (especially with a Staintune pipe fitted)
  19. I have owned a VF100RE and a VF1000FF from that era, so I guess I can vouch for my experiences being real.

    Dropping that bastard radiator to check the spark plugs, and then not having a tool on earth that would get to the top bolt to start the thread engaging, FAAAAAAAAARRK! that is annoying.

    not to mention the extra radiator behind the headlight, what where they thinking?

    But you have a point, the NR750 is a v four honda and a very nice looking bike.