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New 2 Netrider & new 2 riding... Bought a 650... am I cr

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Rooz, Nov 2, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and girls,

    I've visited this site frequently in the last month or two to get an idea of what riding is like and what would be a good first bike. From reading all the posts I found that it shouldnt b more than i can handle and it should be something a little ratty as its more than likely that i will drop it during the duration of my Ls & Ps........ That all flew out the window last week when i saw a Hyosung GT650R 4 a price i couldnt refuse. Now i have an almost brand spanking new bike sitting in the driveway without a single thing wrong with her but still have no licence to ride it, never rode a bike before in my life and im scared that when i do actually ride her, that i may drop her. I intend to take it easy but with no riding experience i dont know what to expect...

    Any encouraging (or discouraging) words from riders who took the backward approach like me? or anyone else for that matter......

    Don't diss the Hyo either. I myself bagged it out until I did research on this bike and had people in the industry check it out for me and i got the thumbs up all round. All the mag reviews say the same thing. But the main factor that made me buy the bike was the price. 2006 model $7700 with 700kms on the clock and its only 6months old!!! Still has a year and a half of warranty!! and its a V-Twin.... what more can i say...
  2. Well, better don't drop it then :)
    What can we say? What's done is done. It's a nice bike, now you'll have to be very careful, that's all. Either that, or spend another thousand on a crappy old GN250 or some such to actually learn on, then hopefully sell it for about the same as you paid for it. In fact even if you don't sell it and end up writing it off, it might still work out cheaper than repairs on you Hyosung, should you drop it... these fairings... ouch!
  3. That's quite a good price! WEll done, welcome to Netrider. An idea to get your skills up might be a few trips to a training facility and hiring a bike (HART do it)
    Much better to drop their bikes that your new shiny beast?
    Where are you located?
  4. Wecome Rooz, hope you enjoy.
  5. Re: New 2 Netrider & new 2 riding... Bought a 650... am

    Hey congrats bro.

    Oh, you got a Hyosung?
  6. if he bought a 650 and looking at L's i'd say Sideney or Adelaide... or a LAMS state at the least.
  7. Go and get your Ls then, drop the training centre's bikes to all your heart's content, as much as you possibly can and get it out of the way. Then you've done all of your bike dropping exercises and you can practice riding your new bike legally.

    I take it that you are not from VIC as you got a bike bigger than 260cc..... but ... but ... but its a Hyosung :( .... just kiddin' its a nice bike dude, peace. :)
  8. Nice bike. I'm a fan of the Hyosungs too. A guy I work with has one and it's great, cheap and reliable, slightly rough around the edges. Just like a Hyundai - excellent value for money.

    I respect to dropping, I'd like to recommend a modification to your bike by which you gaffa-tape door-mats or pieces or carpet to the sides of the bike. It'll save you a lot of scratches.
  9. That'd be heaps weird to see! :)

    Congrats on the bike and good luck with your riding, I too bought a bike before getting a licence. Try to resist riding before you have a licence or you could end up with problems :wink: ( I know its hard)

  10. Do it properly - tie on a couple of Sealy Posturepedics!
  11. I'd say go do your L's prelearners, that will teach you what you need to know to start. If you're still not confident after doing that, they run learners courses as well as private lessons.

    Also depending on where you are, someone from the forum would probably give you a few pointers (but make sure you do you're prelearners first cos that course is great... and you need it for Ls anyway).
  12. Welcome to Netrider, Rooz, and the awesome fun of getting started. One day all this will be an hilarious memory!!!
  13. True True, spoken by one old wise man :LOL: :p
    Only kidding Paul not that old but maybe wise :LOL:

    I look back at my first post and laugh at myself :LOL:

    All the best with your new bike. :grin:

    Cheers Lou