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New 1st Bike, GT650R

Discussion in 'Showcase' started by BigFletch, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Well finally got my new bike today after getting my L's on the weekend.
    Got myself a Hyosung GT650R in black, brand new never ridden 2011 model.
    Paid $7g ride away which i was very happy with.
    Some pics for you all

    (please Excuse the Trade plate, used it for a test ride before i picked it up lol)


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  2. Hey buddy,
    That's awesome! Well done. Looks great. I'm going for my L's in a couple of weeks. Safe riding.
  3. Good price and a great bike to learn on.

    Well done and welcome (y)
  4. $7k for a 650 is pretty damn good.

    alot of people hate hyo's here, but mine served me fine until a lady in a roundabout didn't see me!

    have fun, read up in the newbie section and i highly reccomend you get the book "a twist of wrist"

  5. welcome to NR, Twist Of the Wrist is great, but the vid's worth watchin, bad acting enough to piss yourself but the ideas, lessons etc are worth watchin over m over
  6. awwwwright Fletch Lives
  7. Hey there, well done on the first bike! Hyo's of recent times are a good enough thing, and buying new will be of benefit as the dealer will have to fork out if something does go wrong.
    Most likely will see out your restrictions without a hasstle though ;)

    Welcome to the two wheeled club, enjoy it and stay upright champ!
  8. Nice ride. Looks great. You've done well with price. Cheers
  9. Thanks for the comments everyone, I'm very happy with it.. I read all the reports on the Hyo's but with the 2 year warranty I was willing to take the risk, have had a few mates with them and never any problems.. I know the guys at the dealership for them well so that's handy.. Just enjoying the freedom of 2 wheels at present and look forward to catching up with a few other riders

  10. Don't forget to sign up here. http://korider.com.

    Unfortunately the warrantee doesn't cover bus fares.
  11. Nice looking bike mate.
  12. Dont worry Fletch if it breaks down you know a decent bike mechanic to fix it ;) even will pick it up and drop it off hehehe
  13. Nice wheels mate. Nothing like a shiny new beast to make you feel a million $!

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  14. Nice Nice!! I was thinking of a hyo for my first bike as well but a new one was out of budget! hope it serves you well