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New 12v 9W LED indicators blinking too fast.. Need a resistor or relay?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Darren96, Jan 4, 2013.

  1. I just bought new led indicators for my bike and as I expected, they are blinking bit too fast for my liking so I'm wondering if I should get a resistor or a new relay for them? Not sure what type of relay or resistors I need either, very electrically stupid. cheers

  2. Search custom led they are in the US good product plug in relay that fixes flash rate. Not saying they will have one for vtr250 but have a look
  3. I got some load resistors off ebay for my zx9, they work well. about $9 each.
  4. how did you know what type to get? They get really hot too dont they?
  5. Speaking of LED indicators, i just put some on my 2000 CB250 and they don't blink at all. They just stay on when selected. To save me flicking them on and off when i want to turn corners, does anybody have any tips to make them flash?
  6. They are wired wrong. Led's are polarity sensitive.
  7. Ok cool. Now how do i tell which one is the culprit? Will one wired wrong affect the others?
  8. Get yourself a 6 volt torch battery. Wire up a wire to the positive terminal then one to the negative terminal. Unplug all the indicators. With the battery test the indicator. Obviously it will not flash because there is no relay involved in the simple circuit, but it should come on when wired one way but not the other (polarity sensitive). Then with the end of the wiring loom from the bike with no indicator attached turn on the indicators (bike running) get a test light and test each wire seperately by earthing the test light to the chassis not the other wire. Only one wire of the two will be the supply side the other one will do nothing to the test light, that is the earth. Now you want to wire the led so that the side that works (when indicator is on when wired to torch battery, whichever side the postive terminal is wired to is where you want the bikes supple side wired to) when wired to the torch battery is the side that is wired to the working side of the wiring loom. The other side is therfore earth. I am rambling as has been a long day. Hope that helps a little and if i am wrong someone else might have an even better understanding
  9. Should have added best to earth to negative terminal of bike battery as so much alloys mean its hard to find earth unlike a car
  10. Awesome, thanks for that. I just sort of matched up the colours! Blue wire on inducator to um... no blue wire on bike, hmmm, orange will do.

    I'll fix it up tomorrow, thanks again. Sorry if i hijacked a thread...
  11. Meh. Not my thread
  12. all good boys, any of you guys know if a vtr250 takes a 2 or 3 pin flasher relay?[DOUBLEPOST=1357476242][/DOUBLEPOST]**2003 model**
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    I have to disagree with RRdevil 's diagnosis.Because you say "They just stay on when selected." if the LEDS were wired backwards they would not come on at all. Since they do come on you have the standard Flasher can/Resistor problem. Easiest solution is to replace the flasher can with one suitable for LED blinkers.
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  14. Sorry. Your correct. Dont know how i missed that fact
  15. Scratch everything i wrote last night. You need a led relay
  16. If its got hazzard lights like most aussie delivered bikes then it need a 4 pin
  17. Yea it has hazards, so that definately means it's 4 pin? why's that?
  18. Us delivered bikes dont have hazzard lights
  19. If anybody is interested i bought a new relay off ebay for £7 and the indicators work perfectly. Normal flash rate.