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New 1200 Multistrada....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Toecutter, Nov 10, 2009.

  1. ....gets a nip here and a tuck there


    Not that's an All Roads bike

    The concept video was really interesting....mmmm four different bike settings =D> - see here http://www.multistrada.ducati.com/jspmulti/index.jsp?lang=en

    Pricing wont be anywhere near a Trumpy Tiger...but the looks :cool:
  2. well it seems less ugly than the old one.....

    "150 hp - 110,3 kw" is a heap more powerful than the old one too, they've gone the watercooled 4v good stuff:)

    189kg dry too.....

    this could be a cracker :)
  3. drool...... there is quite a bit of info in the latest MC News. Prob will be the $$$$$$$$$$$ :-({|= i.e. too expensive for most....
  4. Wonder how far you can get on a tank?
  5. Ducati seem to have nailed it this time. The number of options and configurations that you can have really make great use of the platform. I'd actually consider buying one of these...one day.

    I could see myself traveling hundreds of kilometers at a cracking pace or attacking the twisties for a few hours and I reakon this bike would do it all in style.
  6. Hmmm now that's an interesting concept, assuming that they've actually managed to get it working well (and I have no reason to believe otherwise) then that's a bike that's going on the short list for my next bike.
  7. Less Multistrada, More grand tourer…
    But it still looks the business.
  8. its good when a company shoves a proper engine in a bike like this. But they still did the old "retune for torque thing" ](*,)

    I hope if/when they put the 1098 donk in the hypermotard they leave it alone. (y)\\:D/
  9. Looks to me like they are moving it into the ST role, which makes sense. And upmarket, which also makes sense from their bottom line's point of view. It was always hard to justify the price of the old Multi to the buying public. This thing will be king of it's segment.

    I think these things, along with the KTM 990SMT and the Tiger are the new sports tourers.
  10. the trumpy will always be about half the price though.
  11. The ideal ST replacement would be a lowered version of this, and just to make me happier, with the intakes brought back flush with the headlights. I don't mind the beak too much, but I reckon that would look even better.

    A sporty and comfy twin with some go - it's not rocket science.

    The Moto Morini Granpasso looks a contender too, though it looks more practical and less styled. Certainly it's pretty serious about the dirt with it's spoked wheels and more minimalist look. I wonder how they will compare for price?

  12. Looks like they took the ugly stick away from Pierre Terreblanch...
  13. I never disliked Terblanche's work, (even the 999), but he definitely won me over with the Hypermotard. Dunno if he did this new MS before he left.

    Wayned, I read a comparison in a UK mag which pitted the Granpasso against some big dual-purpose bikes. Basically they decided that despite the wheels it was only at home on the hard stuff (so maybe another giant motard?). Practical? Noooooo.... Outragious fun? Oh yes. Shame Morini are kaput.
  14. Looks alot better.. 150hp! Yikes.
  15. The granpasso is 10kg heavier and 32hp down on the figures quoted on the Ducati.

    150hp and 189kg dry, make the multistrada look very serious (in the sports sense) compared to most of the STs out there........those figures alone put it towards the top of the ducati range in performance :) ........it will be expensive
  16. I think I saw some online discussion about thet review. With those tyres (and that size) it could only be so good in the rough for it's size. But the good ride position for taller riders (like me) and decent fuel capacity look like making it a good ride in general. And that motor too.

    Apparently they've homologated one with knobby tyres, which would help some. I reckon it'd handle moderate dirt stuff OK, but clearly it's roughly along the lines of the Triumph Tiger and V-Strom, although the spokes are in it's favour off the tarmac(..). BUt I say that after having done some dirt riding on a Street Triple.

    Moto Morini aren't out of action yet. Their sales are up this year, and it's more a cash flow issue that will hopefully be sorted. They're still in full swing production-wise and with model development as far as I know.
  17. Still reckon it looks like a bird-shit with a scowl on its face. Hellava lot better than the old ones though, sweet jesus they were ugly. Should be good for its intended purpose.

    I really am not a Ducati fan, can you tell? GO BMW!

    - boingk

    EDIT: All roads, my ass! Want all roads? Go a Beemer GS1200, especially one with the adventure package. This Duc looks like it'd have a bad hair day on dirt.

  18. The platform is good
    (article quoted below) same engine and chassis as the granpasso (and everything else in the morini range :) )

    No tigers or multistradas there, that I know of :D

    First place for MOTO MORINI SCRAMBLER in Streetbike class on the Red Mountain at Erzberg.

    Austrian Hans Leitner rode a Moto Morini Scrambler to a surprise victory in the Streetbike class at the Iron Road Prologue. Held in a disused iron works at erzberg in Austria, hence its name, the ‘Iron Road’ is a 14km long rough gravel track snaking up the side of the red mountain.

    Riding a standard Moto Morini Scrambler for Team BLM, Leitner amazed spectators and competitors alike by recording a time so fast that, had his machine been eligible, he would have qualified on the fifth row for the Red Bull Hare Scramble, the main race of the day that is rated as the toughest enduro in the world."
  19. ...and there we have it. I know what I'd be putting my money on if I was planning on encountering dirt.

    - boingk
  20. Ducati had a noticeable hole in it's range when it dropped the ST series. I'm thinking the Multistrada is the answer to that. I'd think it be more honest of them to drop the whole off-road capability malarky, to me it's clearly a sports-tourer in the modern vein of up-right seating with a big punching motor