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New 05' VTR250 owner. Question for other VTR owners

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by ducati_davidson, Feb 28, 2009.

  1. I just picked up my 05' VTR 250 today and i'm wrapped about it.

    Just have a question as to how many teeth the factory rear sprocket is ment to have?.

    Just trying to work out what they are normally ment to rev at.

    Mine's reving at approx 8000 RPM @ 110km\hr

    Is this normal or has mine been geared down
  2. also can anybody suggest a shield\wind deflector?

    I've found that so far on mine i'm getting blown around a bit at hiway speeds
  3. Normal :)

    You can get one from Honda but they dont do much and they look a bit ghey IMHO. It's a naked bike, get used to it.
  4. you will get used to the wind. if u dont like wind, buy a car ;)
    i got a screen from www.replicofairings.com, looks awesome, and helps get some of the wind off you, but only from the upper torso down. better than the honda screen thats for sure. it's windier at 170 :p
  5. The VTR250's come standard with a 41T rear sprocket. I've often thought about going down a couple of teeth to make highway cruising a bit more relaxed, but then you would lose some acceleration.
  6. Many many moons ago someone made a table of rpm vs ground speed for each gear on the VTR250:


    Peak torque is somewhere around 8500rpm, peak power is around 10500rpm. :)
  7. also i have a question relating mileage, I'm getting approx 250km untill it starts spluttering and have to change to reserve, how much can i expect out of reserve on my VTR 250 ?
  8. Hmm not that much, I've only been on reserve once. So the tank is 13L, but the reserve is about 2L of that. If your getting 250 until reserve, your probably only going to get 40-45km on reserve.
  9. I'm not complaining, It's still heaps better than my other transport that gets 500km's to a 95L tank, mitsi Pajero's are thirsty buggers :LOL:
  10. time to change the signature mate!

    I only sold mine two days ago and i miss it already!\
  11. I get around 4L/100km, perhaps a bit better than that even.

    I weigh 105kg with gear on and give the bike a good workout through the twisties 2 or 3 times a week, taking that into consideration I get awesome mileage, its lunch money and lasts me a week or more.

    Smidge, which bike are you going to get?
  12. haha true.....done
  13. when i'm off my restrictions i'ed like to upgrage to either a Ducati S4rs or the triumph street triple.

    I know little about these bikes other than there comftable to sit on and drool is easly cleaned off them :LOL:
    Any pro's and con's people can share about owning either one of these bikes as a daily communiter
  14. The only real negative I'm aware of with the Triumph Street Triple 675 is that the steering lock (as in, the furthest you can turn the handlebars left/right) is actually quite small for a naked bike.

    Could make urban U-turns less enjoyable than they should be, but that's something which can be overcome with practiced skill.

    Don't know much about the Ducati Monster, aside from all the jokes about Ducatis and their dry clutch. :grin:
  15. Well at 105 with gear on you pretty much match me. I get between 245 and 250 before hitting reserve and the max I got out of reserve was like 35 k's (And I've run empty twice lol). I read online or in a manual tht it's meant to be 3L of reserve but that's bollocks, it seems more like a 12/1 split.

    Also, fairing/screen? Pffft, wind is mad fun. These wild victorian winds this week have nearly seen me changing lanes without warning. :|
  16. We also got our VTR250s within 2 weeks of each other if I remember correctly :p
  17. Hmmm.

    It's officially quoted as 2L reserve, though that's probably not exact.

    My personal record on the VTR was 12.56L into the tank, after travelling about 35-40km on reserve. :oops:
  18. Can't answer your other questions - I am mechanically challenged :LOL: but I use my 2006 VTR250 to commute to work, sunshine or rain. I average 265 - 276km before I fill up and I'm still on my main tank.

    Once on a HRCA ride I did 296km on the main tank before stoppping to fill up...and the bike didn't splutter once.

    I got a windshield from MCAS. It helps me quite a bit, but then I am short (5'3''). The one I got was the 'National Cycle F18 Sport Shield'
    Was actually a bit cheaper when I bought it back then.

    I got the bike in Nov '07 and have already done 15,000km on it and loving it. I come off my P's this week and am contemplating upgrading but to be honest when I look at the cost to maintain and run this bike (including insurance etc.), I wonder whether it is a wise move... I may just hold on to my VTR a bit longer...
  19. i like the look of the replico fairings 1\2 monster bikini fairing
    The site has it priced at $200 unpainted, i got a quote to paint it for $120
    so $320 is starting to look expensive but it does look nice

    can anybody comment on the build quality and if there an ok company to deal with ?