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New :0)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by GirlRider2, May 4, 2010.

  1. Hi All,
    Just joined the Forum, looking forward to getting to know everyone :beer:

  2. Hi and welcome. :)
  3. Welcome on board and enjoy your stay.
  4. mucho welcome, lady motorcyclist :).
  5. Ha Hornet, You are slipping two people beat you in the welcoming brigade. ;)

    FYI Girlrider2, Hornet is a one man welcoming band in this area, its rare for any of us to beat him to the punch. ;)
  6. welcome chickie :)
  7. Hey girlie!
  8. Great to see another girl rider here. What type of bike do you ride?
  9. Hey another brissy rider, cool , well enjoy your stay , and check out the qld group rides.
  10. Welcome! What bike you on? :)
  11. My crystal ball tells me it's a Kawasaki ER6F.

    [PS: Welcome to the forums].
  12. Hurro, mucho wecome in hea!
  13. muchas gracias :) everyone!

    I have a Kawasaki ER6F :) My second bike, just upgraded.

    Are there lots of you up here in Brisbane???
  14. I'm from Brisbane, but hubby and I havent been on any group rides. I would like to some day though.
  15. Welcome! Awesome to see more female riders from QLD. :D
  16. Welcome to the Netrider Forums, GirlRider2 :)
  17. Very BIG and warm welcome to you. Hope you have a blast!!:biker:
  18. There's a few of us from Brissie way that are pretty active. Most of us a nice, however ever since getting his Ducati benjamin78au has gotten a superiority complex happening.