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NeverWet - superhydrophobic spray

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Ljiljan, Jun 20, 2013.

  2. Shut up and take my money
  3. I wonder what the durability is?
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  4. Probably not great - wonder if it will come off in the wash?
  5. ISWYDT.

    Coat both sides, never have to wash anything again.

    Would be great for practical jokes, hydrophobic towels anyone? ;)
  6. for the neighbours with the screaming kid, hydrophobic nappies :devil:
  7. Wow.......impressive

    Should treat all the utensils, plates, bowls, cups, mugs etc at "all you can eat - family restaurants" to stop the fat farkers getting crap into their mouths.

    --Because of course.....it would be inhumane just to coat the inside of said fat farkers mouths......
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  8. I want to know two things:

    What are the effects on each side of your visor?

    To what degree fabrics sprayed with it breathe?​
  9. The visor application might be worth exploring, don't care about fabrics. No good if it distorts vision.
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  10. ^^^^Bugger, couldn't see jack shit this morning.

  11. pinlock anti fog visors are great
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  12. Open your eyes!

  13. Seems promising according to the reviews. Wonder if you could spray it onto car ducos, Never need to wash a car/bike again!
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  14. That's the application I am liking too.......clean bike forever....
  15. I need some of this, looking at the food examples as I tend to wear more of my tucker than I eat, plus I am the champion coffee splasher of Melbourne.
    Looks like it would be great on aprons and work clothes as well. I wonder how it works with motor oil.
  16. I've had to play in the rain for work all my life. ie ski and riding baboon.
    If it's really waterproof.....it's hot.
    It if breaths, water will eventually find a way in.
    I have one set of wets that's really old and more so keeps the wind out than the water. It's great for showers. Showers being water falling fairly fast low moving clouds.
    And when it's raining. Water falling from slow moving very high clouds, I have a set that I soak in a waterproofing shoite that I buy from BBC that does your tents and crap.
    It lasts about 4 washes or a month if it's summer. I live north and it's hot and wet in summer so I'm thinking the heat has something to do with it's breakdown.
  17. Is it commercially available yet?
    Oh so many real world applications for that, especially for motorcycle gear, camping gear, etc!!
    I wonder how it would go on motorbike chain? I'd prefer to clean the chain & coat it with that instead of lube which still allows crud to stick to it!
  18. Water slides and slip n slides just got a lot more fun.

  19. In reality this would be the worst product for that though?