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NEVER too old hahaaaaaa

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Billsy, Nov 6, 2009.

  1. I`m 50 n 3 years ago i got my learners...a guy at work ( 2 years younger ) said " don`t u think you`re a bit too old to go for riding lessons?"...well, here i am ...if u or others THINK you`re too old...laugh it in the face n do it :bannanabutt:

  2. That's the stuff mate!

    Stick it to the man! You're never too old to live!
  3. I'm 52 and I manage ok.
    Give it a good rev and go! :)
  4. i'm not quite 50 :p but good job :)
  5. I think once you get to 60 you're too old.

    :D (Just for Paul)
  6. You'll be right.
  7. I'm 48 (almost 49) and fat and unfit and I still manage fine, you'll be ok as long as you listen to your instructors, practice and be aware that other road users are sometimes idiots.

    So expect them to do something stupid and leave yourself an out if they do and you'll be find.
  8. I started riding just over 2 years ago, when aged 57. Have since done 32,000 kms with hopefully many, many more to come.
  9. So you don't subscribe to the truism of 'an old dog for a hard road', then :rofl:???

    Welcome to the road, mate, enjoy it, as my dad used to say, "I'd rather wear out than rust out!".
  10. I don't consider 50 to be too old to ride, or to do anything for that matter. I guess he was hinting that by 50 you should be set in your ways or something.

    Then again, statistically, anyone is only 10,000hrs away from being elite at any particular skill.
  11. I'm about your vintage and started riding 3 years ago and love it. Only advice is get good CE approved armour. You don't ****ing bounce when you get old and those niggles from old injuries can go bang in even a minor off.
  12. I hear that crap all the time, your 60 and should be sitting on the couch with your grand kids just waiting to die, Hahahahahahahaha

    Im 61 going on twelve, I down hill snowski, sail Catarmarans, I dance rock and roll, (rockabilly) and I ride this Missile called a Super Blackbird 1100XX
    Good on you Mate for getting out there on your bike and living, its the only way to fly.
    Keep in mind, If you dont use it, you lose it.
    Looking forward to the big one doggy, I will see you there Mate.
    29 Nov.

  13. I started learning a year and a half ago when I turned 50. Since then Ive clocked up 15,000 klms. Ive had people tell me I could never ride because I'm too short (5ft 1in) and that because I've only ever driven automatic cars (even though I held a manual licence) I would find it impossible to learn. But I did!! and am totally addicted!!!.
  14. age...bah!

    i've always like the saying:
    "if you didn't know how old you are, how old would you be?"

    my guesstimate puts me in my mid-teens somewhere :)
  15. I rode an old farm bike when i was a teenager, finally got my licence at age 44 and in the 12 months since have put about 25,000 km on a vt750. People kept saying it's a mid-life crisis but it's the best crisis I have had.........wouldn't swap the feeling for anything.
    Never too old.........
  16. Last time I rode was about 20 years ago, I'm back in the saddle again since October and if anything being older with a ( hopefully ) wiser head is an advantage. Over 30 years experience on the road has to count for something.

    50 is definitely not too old, I'm rapidly closing in on that age and I plan on riding well past then too.
  17. 49 next April. Got my Learners at 46.
    Never too old ;)
  18. You are only as old as you let people tell you that you are.
    Ignore anything that is based on the years since the cradle, base everything on what you think you want to try.
  19. I was at a Ulysses coffee meet couple of weeks ago, at 50 you would just qualify to be a senior member. All below 50 are "juniors" and you don't get membership till you're passed 40. Agree with Kreuzer, the maturity can be a positive with the experience and less "wild" adenalin. You made the right choice, ride and stay safe
  20. You're never too old to start living.

    Great thread!