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Never thought I was a Harley rider......until today.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by martych, Oct 6, 2007.

  1. I've always thought of Harleys as a bit um...er....well 'tough' I suppose. And could never see myself on one BUT this blew me away when i saw it in the flesh and now I'm selling a kidney on Ebay to fund it.

  2. Yeah I kinda liked that one too. :oops:
  3. well my friend, I'm with you on this one.
    The new sportster series especially the Nightster is a beatifully designed and crafted motorcycle all the way down to the fonts and lettering work on the body.
    It almost looks like an expensive custom.
    I reckon Harley of late have been getting really good at making bikes for non Harley fans, while still making the traditional ones they're famous for.
    And soon they will release the XR1200 Flat tracker inspired one and they will probably broaden their customer base even further.
    Because I love the twisties and cornering more than straight line cruising, I will probably never buy a Harley (except a Buell).
    I say go for it though, if i had the cash I would buy one for sure.
  4. Funny, I always thought of Harleys as fruity..........

    Regards, Andrew.
  5. I had the same reaction when I saw that bike. A Harley I could actually see myself on (if I stumbled across a lot of money).
  6. This is really spooky, I had the same reaction last night after sitting on it at the bike show. I'm also trying to 'sell a kidney' on eBay :D

    I like it in orange/black too, check out my desktop :)

    I just want one. Group buy anyone :p

  7. they are just a little too feminine for my taste...
  8. That kinda looks like the bike that Homer rides in the Simpsons episode where the bikers kidnap Marge.
  9. Love the look, but it felt a bit uncomfortable. The Sportster range felt small, but I thought they could be a better fit if they came stock with wider bars. TBH most of the Harley range felt like they had something slightly wrong with them that could be fixed with after market parts ...
  10. They sure are puurty, but don't 'real' Hardley riders call them Skirtsters in reference to them being a ladies bike?

    :p :grin:
  11. What about the fat bob?
  12. Yeah, you're probably right and 'real' Harley riders all seem to wear those ridiculous scull cap, open face helemets (in matt black of course) which would play havoc with my make up.

    I think I'll keep my floral blouse firmly tucked into my skirt and ride my bike side-saddle from now on. LOL
  13. Horny harley
  14. Having never ridden ANY cruisers, I am doing my best to avoid going anywhere near them. Why? If I do take one for a ride, I'm sure I will end up spending money I shouldn't be on buying one! Considering I impulse bought my two current bikes I have a bad track record!!! I also try to avoid reading reviews about how good they are, avoid drooling over them in bike shops and generally stay clear of the cruiser threads. My riding future seems balanced on a knife-edge.
  15. Nope. I'm still not a Harley rider.

    All the ones that I think look okay, are more works of art, and aren't made to be ridden anyway.
  16. ha ha, that's hilarious and so true. I did exactly the same thing for years with maxi scooters (avoided riding them , I mean) Then one day when my V-Strom was in for servicing I rode a Burgman. Guess what....now I own both.

    I know if I ride that Sportster, I'll be buying one....DAMN BIKE EXPO !!!
  17. I felt that the sportsters were a little too small and cramped for my liking.

    The Vrod felt good, but stuck out a little wide on the inside of the legs, but there was a soft-tail there that was the most comfortable thing I have ever sat on. It looked different as well in that it didnt have all hte chrome everywhere, but looked more powdercoated. However, at $30k, it is a little out of my price range.

    Maybe one day when I'm a lot older or when the knees are totally stuffed (which isnt too far away).
  18. My brother sat on the Sportster and was surprised how nice and comfortable the riding position was.
  19. I love taking my boss' 05 sportster out for a ride every now and then, its a nice change.

  20. Hmm, you too huh? There's a Kawasaki cruiser in Canberra Motorcycles, new. It's some sports model, blackened chrome, decent suspension and brakes. I have not asked what it is or how much it is. To do so would invite a test ride, and that would probably be that! I don't really go for teh chromed up cruisers though.
    I have not even sat on it, but it talks to me, it really does.

    *edit* THIS is the bloody thing that keeps annoying me:


    Crap. Now I know what it is and what it does. :?

    Regards, Andrew.