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never seen that before....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by jd2710, May 6, 2008.

  1. today while riding home from work, i saw a guy on a harley with an open faced helmet, and while he was riding he was smoking...

    I've never seen that before, is it common ????
  2. for those that can, yep certainly is

    my old man even has a little ashtray :LOL:
  3. Saw a guy on a scooter doing same last weekend :)
    Weird but so cool and I hate smoking.
  4. Cooler with a short, thick cigar. ;)
  5. Saw a guy on a cruiser a couple months back, smoke in mouth, mid corner and there was light rain.
    Gold :!:
  6. I'd almost take up smoking and do it just so I can throw something back in butt-littering cager's windows.
  7. shall we mention the late great, who drilled a hole in his helmet to have a puff.
  8. Yep, I've seen it a couple of times now. Nearly fell off my bike the first time I saw it!! Then the pr!ck flicked his butt on the ground and I copped the shower of sparks and crap ... :evil:
  9. I would love to see one of those blokes smoking a bong, on their bike.
  10. Ktulu, only you could do it. You are a NR legend.
  11. Did that in the 80's, with a full face - keep it open a crack - and you are ok.
    Used to chain smoke non filter camels. When they get down a bit, they set your beard smouldering though. Know when it is time to light another, as your hair starts crackling.

    You do need to open the visor at the lights though.
    Shades of cheech and chong otherwise.
  12. :eek:

    Are you serious? Where was the ashtray? Was it part of the bike???
  13. I know a old guy with an 1100 Virago who is known to smoke a pipe whilst riding - and that includes filling and lighting it on the go.
    (Apparently emptying a pipe bowl onto the intake for a cars airvents is also a great way to get back at bad drivers ;)).
  14. I've seen it heaps of times in Thailand... They just light one up at the lights...
  15. Yes Ruth. All pre 1970s bikes came with built in ashtrays.

    :grin: :p
  16. Klutu !!
  17. It's particularly exciting when the incandescent tip blows off, hits you in the eye and then falls down the neck of your jacket and lodges against your chest, having ignited your beard on the way :grin: .
  18. i pulled up to the lights at 2am in the morning, pouring rain and this old dude on his bike took his glove off, grabbed at lighter, lit his smoke and then we both took off when the light went green. i lol'd.
  19. Nah. The "image" requires a suspicious looking roll your own,,,,,, :p