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Never riden before!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by prorider, Aug 31, 2007.

  1. ok here goes..
    i am only 18 and a total noob with motorcycles..closest i've been to riding one is watching it zip past my car at the lights :cool: or an ATV years ago..i've been reading this forum for a few days now and my interest as grown and thought to myself why not go and get my L's and see what all this fuss is about..
    i live in S.E Melb.. is there a course where i could be taught the basics and test on the same day/weekend.. i know motorcyclemotion does some sort of stuff but price , length etc isnt explained..

    is it hard to use all the gears/levers/throttle at once? :? :?

    all comments/advice/tips welcome :grin:
  2. Interesting choice of username, for a 'total noob'... :wink:

    Using all the bits and pieces at once is just like driving a manual car, your hands and feet do different things, but it all comes together with practice! I can't really help you with Melbourne pricing, but as a guideline, you can get your motorcycle L's in SA in a weekend, and it costs a bit under $300.
  3. First of all, welcome to Netrider, where all your questions WILL be answered. (Of course, we don't guarantee that the answers will be correct :LOL:.)

    I'll leave it to the Melbourne locals to discuss courses, etc, but I WILL say that riding a bike, changing gear, braking, etc, is the most natural thing in the world and you won't have any trouble mastering it. God actually created motorbikes on His first day back at work after the Sabbath, but he knew He was going to, so he designed man to fit them perfectly.
  4. im bored at work and couldnt think of anything more creative :p i'll be 'pro' with the right advice from you guys!

    man u guys are quick with the replies!!
    ..ahh sweet so i should be all set with 300$ thanks to mr packer and his crown complex the other day!

    but yer i need advice/tips etc, from some people (try and remember back to the day when u had never riden)
  5. hello prorider,

    I was in the exact same situation a couple of months ago.

    My only experience was a 50cc automatic scooter and heaps of bicycle/bmx riding. I did have my P's for car with manual so that helped too. BUT apart from that I had nothing else.

    I did a training session and was stalling a bit. All I had to do was let out the clutch slower, and that was it. The rest just comes to you that quickly. Don't worry at all, I've seen so many worried/nervous people regarding motorbikes there is nothing to be afraid of its not that difficult. Just practice, learn the basics and practice some more.

    Seriously you will kick arse, If you really like motorbikes and are passionate about them it seems to make things easier too :cool:

    Good luck with it all
  6. thanks matt

    ..im going to thailand in a few months.. should try and learn in the heart of bangkok :p :p

    eventually down the track i was thinking of getting a Hyosung GT250R..this be alright? but i think buying a bike is the least of my worries atm. considering i've never riden one :cool:

    keep the advice coming :!: :)
  7. Yeah I have heard a lot of good things about the Hyosung, i was a bit wary cause to me I havent heard that brand alot.

    I was gonna get a Suzuki RGV250 2 stroke.... then it was Honda CBR250RR now its Honda CBR125R lol

    Im not too fussed I just want something cheap yet reliable. When I am earning heaps more $$ I will save for a used 600 maybe.

    What state do you live in ???
  8. Howdy Pro...

    Before I went for my intro course I not only had zero experience on the bike, but I was totally against my ex getting his licence :p

    But I did the intro course, and was a bit chuffed in how quickly I picked it up.

    Then he paid for my licence test and I had no choice but to do it. It's a bit daunting at first, but once I got the hang of it I was laughing. Everyone says the P's test is easier...I found the L's test easier :p

    As has been mentioned, if you can drive a manual car, you'll pick it up REALLY quickly. And as cruisingal (I think it was her) once said, 'pull the clutch in and you have a big push bike'...trust that (to an extent :p).

    I did my intro, test, and full test at Baylink in Hastings. Fantastic guy, ex cop, VERY easy going and makes you feel really comfortable. Since then both my mum and dad have both done their licence through him :)

    Good luck with it all :)
  9. Hey Pro,

    Mate 5 weeks ago i'd never riden a motorbike in my life. I did the ACT pre-learners course and passed. My advice is just to read heaps. This site as well as many others on the web have huge amounts of tips and advice for new riders. Just ask questions and you'll get a response from someone.

    The most important thing to remember when you start out riding is to relax. When i did my test whenever I felt I was having difficulty with anything i just relaxed and it all came naturally.

    But definately go down and do a course. That way you can see for yourself why riding is awesome. :cool:
  10. matt .. Victoria

    yup my gf is totally against it and so is my dad.. ill just get my L's secretley :p unfortunalty i was lazy and wanted my car P's instantly so just got auto :roll: but i understand the basics of car/motorcycle gears etc so should be no problem.
    how about prices peeahh??

    sunny weekend cruising down great oceon road with some other fellow bikers.. sounds like lots of fun. i want in!! :p

    any other ideas on bikes etc.. i want something that looks sporty/fast :p
    and im 6ft+ and not the lankyiest guy around!!
  11. before getting my bike Ls (now have bike license) I was a bit worried on the L's course, but do the 2 day and you won't have a problem, the instructors are there to teach you.. and pass you,, it isn't as bad as it sounds.

    then 3 mnths later i did my license test and it was just as easy.

    also read the book for your L's (even though I did and failed theory first time lol) you will find it hard to pass if you don't.

    i didn't tell my relo's until i got my bike l's and license.. they are always asking me why i'd do it, etc etc, so i don't really tell them much now until i do it :) just the fact they bickering and would be ones to talk shit behind my back

    i too have my auto license but at the time had a auto car.. i drive manual anyway
  12. Welcome to da 2 wheeled world! :cool:

    Yes, it is pretty easy, just requires practice.... lots of practice. I did my Ls early last year down at DECA in Carrum Downs. Think it cost $230 for the full day including the test. My bro, nerdofsteel, just did his a couple of months ago at Motorcycle Motion in Cheltenham, and Im pretty sure it cost bout the same. Most places also offer an intro course for a day, where they get u familiar with the basics of riding and handling a bike. Useful it if u neva rode before, but not vital.
  13. I had never sat on the front of a bike - having been only a pillion biatch before then when i rocked up to the Learners course... they take you step by step through all the basics and give you so much practise and theory time... at least they did at my course at Armstrongs...
  14. ok victoria... :cool:

    "yup my gf is totally against it and so is my dad.. ill just get my L's secretley" hahaha I got my L's secretly that worked actually.

    My whole family was against it for me Mum, Dad and brother. Mum was first to change tune. I told her im fine in the car and havent had anything wrong. Dad used to have a bike he was into dirt bikes, he is still a bit pessimistic but has sort of accpeted it. My brother (Grade 9) is says "your an idiot, your only going to die".

    You want something sporty fast?


    check that out haha its only 125 but good enough.

    You have to research as much as you can, you have to become a machine. I'm still researching and trying to learn as much as possbile.

    ummmm costs? (these are only Guestimates)
    Helmet 300+, proper leather riding jacket $400+, boots $150+, gloves $80+, proper riding pants 200+, insurance ??? varies too much.. First bike could be $4000+. Its costly im getting parents to buy me some gear for birthday.
  15. Man i was lucky. my daddy being into motorbikes as well he was more encouraging towards me getting a bike than against it. mum was happy for me to get one also. copped most crap from auntie etc. tho they didnt find out till i told them i got the bike :p

    anyway for the first bike dont worry bout getting the fastest 250 in the world cos your probably gonna get rid of it in a year anyway when on your P's. (i will) Get a 4 stroke over 2 stroke. mainly cos they are more noob friendly, as in u dont have to rebuild a 4stroke every week :p and the 4 stroke doesnt have the nasty power band that could get the newbies by supprise :p
  16. start from the learner course and decide if it is really for u. then start learning step by step. once you get the confident it is priceless!

    *imagine tinted visor on, hands on deck, checking out chicks in car!!*
  17. Prices are similar to what's been mentioned. You're looking at around $200...and a little more if you do the intro course also.

    Full test is around the same price. Tend to be a *little* bit less if you use your own bike.

    As has been mentioned, intro course isn't mandatory. I did it, because I didn't want to spend the money (or have the money spent on me) for the licence if I didn't feel comfortable enough after the intro course.

    My mum also did it...my dad just went straight into the test with no issue.

    Have fun :)
  18. Pro fella,

    I did my L's last November at Armstrongs and their day course is designed for people who have never ridden or even touched a bike beforehand.

    They were excellent.

    Just make sure you study the handbook beofrehand and you will be fine.

    The day starts off watching a safety video then you go outside and they show you all the controls on the bike. Then they have you practicing finding the point when you release the clutch where the engine will start driving the bike. From this you practice riding in a straight line changing from first gear to second, etc. From there they get you turning corners, etc.

    It is all relatively straight forward and at the end of the day they put you through the prac test. All the items on the prac test are practiced extensively during the day. The test consists of:

    - Left Turn
    - Right Turn
    - Slow ride
    - Stop in the box
    - Emergency braking

    Once you have passed the prac tests, you will then go and do the theory questions. Listen to the briefing from the instructor, read the book and you should be fine.

    Bikes to ride...... this is the eternal question for a newly licensed rider. In vic you can only ride up to 260cc's until Lams come in around July next year. Given your height, etc and your penchant for a sports bike, then I would recommend either the Hyosung GT250R or the Honda CBR250RR.

    Dont rule out the VTR250 (Honda). It is a naked bike, but it is probably the best learners bike on the market.

    Good Luck and remember on the L's course, enjoy the day. It is great fun.
  19. 1st post *takes a bow*

    your dads against you getting yours to ay?, :roll:
    my dad rides, he says i should 'wait till i get a few years driving experience'... (does this matter?)
    he also seems to know a lot of people who have had mates killed on there bikes...
    i also got a.. i guess soon to be uncle, he says; 'ef ya didnt grow up'on em' ya should'nt ride em'.......

    18th b'days in late october, the hope is to get my licence's as b day presents :p,
    theres a place in dandy 'MTA' or something, mate o mine said they were good, and there close to me unlike some of the others...

    yeh sports bikes ftw!, i am thinking cbr250rr (un trashed (LOL)) or zxr-250, id even consider a balius..... :cool:

    but really wats the deal, if i get a bike licence so young am i going to die??, i mean if i 16yo can own a cbr250rr in nsw, i dont see why me getting my licence is that dangerous :)