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"Never ridden in the rain"

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by waffles, Sep 23, 2009.

  1. Looking through bike ads on bikesales et al. the number of times I have read "never ridden in the rain" is shocking.

    Does anyone actually believe that a bike with ~30,000 kays has not been ridden in the rain?

    Its right up there with "never dropped" on LAMS bikes...

    Maybe someone will have an add that says "never reved over 5k rpm"

    Maybe I'm just cynical and its not carp....
  2. :facepalm: Ducati owners
  3. Gets me as well

    Will be making a point in my fs ad to mention that it has been ridden in the rain and ridden/enjoyed as a bike should be
  4. I think the best comment was loz's in relation to a cbr1000 still in the for sale section with custom paint etc.

    "Seems like this poor bike has never spent a single day doing what it was built to do. It's been putted through traffic and groomed like a motorised poodle.

    Somebody, please buy it and thrash the tits off it the way it deserves to be thrashed."
  5. Ha! I picked my Daytona up and rode it from Sydney to Newcastle in the pouring rain! Nothing like riding a brand new supersport for the first time in the rain with new tyres. NO bike has never seen the rain, and if it hasn't, then the owner is probably a pretentious ass. No sale from me!
  6. And then again, in Melbourne it seems to hardly rain anymore anyway...
  7. Except the day that you've just picked up you bike from a service with brand new tyres fitted.
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  8. Not intend to rid on the raining day, but if bad luck on ta way back home is rain nothing we can do, just have to waste it after you get home.:soapbox::soapbox::soapbox:
  9. Happened to me more than once!
  10. I agree that it is a bizarre statement to make in an ad when selling a bike BUT I have to say that when you manage to pickup a used bike that obviously has been so well cared for, it is a great experience!

    I don't know the history of my Z750 as I bought from a dealer but judging by the condition of it I would say that in its 18 mths and 6000km it has never been out in the rain and has been kept garaged. It is immaculate, everyone thinks it is brand new!

    Now, with me it WILL be ridden in the rain and I don't have undercover parking at home so it will be out in the elements most of the time (under a cover mostly). Nice to know that I started off with an immaculate bike though.

  11. Its a stupid selling point anyway, I cant see how anyone could really see that as a positive!

    It just means a poser has probably owned it, therefore its probably spent a lot of time just sitting around.

    They wouldnt make bikes "waterproof" if you werent meant to ride em in the wet
  12. Rode mine in a brief hail storm Sunday arvo ... and it still runs!
  13. they get wet when they get washed anyway, what difference does it make?

    never ridden in the rain and never washed?
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  14. Nice, thats a good point. I reckon the whole 'no rain' thing is only a problem if it coincides with the 'no maintenance' thing, which is a problem in and of itself.

    - boingk
  15. Well if they never get ridden in the rain then theres not much to clean, bit of plexus would generally do the job.

    My mate did buy a one woman owner Daytona once, had never been wet lol. She was a poser judging by the tyres, but it was cleaned with plexus and never taken out in the wet or hosed at all!
  16. never ridden in the rain could be code for track day special.........

    A bike is built to be ridden, that's why all the electrics are waterproof.
  17. My bike gets PARKED in the rain and is left there for seven hours at a time. The $20 OEM brake lever is looking a little worse for wear, the brakes squeak until they come up to temperature, I go through a fair amount of chain and cable lube, and it can be a complete biatch to start when it's in one of its moods, but what ya gunna do, eh? It's a workhorse, not a show pony. You wanna keep something in mint condition, buy a model and stick it in a glass cabinet.
  18. I've had my Ls for 2 weeks now and I live in Melbourne.
    Sheet - I've never ridden in anything BUT rain ;)
  19. Zactly! Another one that gets me is: "never been over 6000 rpm" - well, then you can keep it!

    And another gem that I steer well clear off since learning an expensive lesson regarding car a few years ago : "one carefull lady owner".
  20. I wonder how many readers reading this who have used this as a selling point and whose ears are redder than a Ducati...