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N/A | National never pay for speeding tickets

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by bladeboy74, Jan 13, 2011.

  1. apparently, because the name on your license is in capital letters, it technicaly is refering to an un natural person...( similar to seperate legal identity in corporations law).. until you take responsibility for that name in capital letters.... IE show up at court and swear on the bible..no one can do anything but send you letters...?


    interesting reading...dont think i'd have to balls to try it though... :angel:

    apparently this is derived from some maritime law however i cant find the legislation ....errr tok too lazy to look....
  2. smells like bs to me
  3. Try re-registering a car in your name when you have outstanding infringements in NSW.

    Though an interesting way around having your licence cancelled as a result of point accruing is to put the vehicle you own into the name of an elderly relative that doesn't drive. When you go through a speed camera for example you leave the name as the registered owner of the vehicle and pay the fine.
  4. This is a load of bullshit.

    You will have orders entered to garnish your wages, have money taken from your account and for the sheriff to take your property.
  5. foreign students at uni's apparently do a trade in those things. ... never tried it myself though.
  6. Sounds suspiciously USA-ey to me. I mean, even the wording of the site:

    'Your inaleinable rights'

    Does that reek of US me-me-me personal-rights culture or what?

    - boingk
  7. Besides, if you actually look at your licence the given names are capitalised only for their first letter, and the last name all characters.

    Also, it refers to your place of residence and gives a photo of you.

    Try arguing your way around that -

    "Uh, but the capital letters unwhateverfy my real something as a human being"

    "Look, smartass, do you live at such-and-such street?"


    "And is this YOU?" *points to photo of you on licence*

    "Er, yes..."

    "Then shut up, I'm writing you a ticket."

    - boingk
  8. LOL!! Gold. You would be a terror in blue. :applause:
  9. "and heres a second ticket for the fender eliminator to remind you not to make me spend longer beside your bike where I can spy defects"
  10. And excessive noise, and your bike is unroadworthy as well. Your tyres are shot, The list goes on and on, Argue, and you will find out just how much it will cost you,
    They dont run out of tickets,
  11. I've actually got a degree in Criminal Justice, was considering the police force when I started it but don't want to go down that avenue anymore. Geez you could have some awesome comebacks though...

    On defecting vehicles, you can go on and on and on. Best thing about driving a vintage car - they all assume I'm a doddering pensioner and leave me alone!

    - boingk