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Never mind. Seriously.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by mipearson, Apr 18, 2005.

  1. EDIT: Ok, I can tell that people are pretty hostile about letting somebody they barely know hop on their bike. Fair enough, and I understand. Can we drop it now, please?


    I'm stuck between buying a CBR250rr and an RGV250. So far it's down to these points:

    1. Less maintenance
    2. More on the market
    3. Easier daily commute

    1. Quicker
    2. Easier to sell once off restrictions
    3. Not just another babyblade

    For me the NSR250/Aprilia RS250 is too expensive and the ZZR250 is too slow. I've decided that fairings are essential for the amount of highway riding I do. I'm not sure about the other faired 250's on offer - I haven't heard enough about them. My budget is $5000-$7000.

    But what I really want to do is have a quick fang on a well-maintained, A1 condition bike, so I know what to look for when I'm buying, and also can decide for myself which bike suits me better.

    Is there anybody coming to Monday Eastern coffee or Friday coffee who has one of these bikes and is willing to trust a rider with about one year / 10-20,000k's experience with their pride and joy for thirty minutes? I will note that I'll take it up in to the high revs when it's warmed up, but I won't try any interesting cornering.

    Naturally, if the worst were to happen, the money I'm about to borrow would either go towards fixing your bike or simply buying your bike at current market value.
  2. with a post like that, I wouldn't fancy your chances......
  3. I've obviously missed something here .. why?
  4. Has anyone got a ZX10R, CBR1000, GSXR1000 or R1 that I can test ride? :D :wink:
  5. I'm sure you could have a spin on pink angel's FZR250R ?; same sorta thing as a CBR250 :)
  6. Don't let my signature put you off :LOL:
  7. cant you just show interest at a dealership and borrow one of theres to play with?
  8. last time I was out at A1 in Ringwood, they had 3 cbr250rr's. Grab one of theirs
  9. i agree that your chances are very low.... Why dont you go to the dealers.. just pretend that your buying bikes and deciding between the brands forsure they'll be at your feet. And then when you've decided the make of a bike (go for honda) go private sales!! happy hunting
  10. I highly doubt any dealer will let you test ride a 250....knowing too well,you'll most likely be on your L's,its too risky.
  11. Yes, I can, but the main thing is I want to ride on one that I know is mechanically perfect.

    A dealer has an incentive to lie about the actual condition of the bike to me.
  12. are you kidding ? I rode 3 in one day from a dealership, and 1 each from 2 other dealerships.
  13. They should - they're insured for it, and besides I've been on my L's for nearly a year and I'll have my fulls on the 23rd.
  14. To achieve what?
    If you think that by just riding a good bike you'll be able to tell the difference between a perfect one and a not-so perfect one when it comes to a private test ride your seriously mistaken.
  15. Mouths right, if your still on your "L's" your stuffed for a test ride, on "P's" no probs, only place I know that will allow you to test ride while still on "L's" is Sumoto and we know what they sell........

    BTW, stop picking on the baby "Z", top speed isn't everything, look at the whole package, speed, handling, purchase price, service costs.....the Z's a winner, much better looking, and if you buy a black one like mine people think it's bigger......it's that black is bigger thing
  16. not so sure about this. When I bought the ZZR back in February, I rang Sumoto to organise a test ride and the guy there said "We don't do any test rides. Our bike shave brand new tyres which are slippery. our bikes are in top condition with nearly all new parts etc and its just to risky"

    That was before i found out what they sell ............. :shock: :shock: :shock:
  17. someone pinch the guy.. I think he's dreamin!
  18. Looks like I'll wait until after the 23rd, then.

    As for the ZZR, my last bike was a 4-cylinder Across, and if I was going to go for a V-Twin I'd go with the Spada. I'm impressed with the torque curve, but for my next bike I want to go up in overall performance rather than down.
  19. Has anyone got a current Goldwing I can try? I would like to try the motard style and see how it goes.

    Failing that, anyone got a Triumph Rocket, preferably in red or darkish orange, because me and roundman want to try monos two up past the wankers in Elizabeth St, and while we can get bikes on the rear tyre individually without dropping them most times, we need the power to get both us Fat Bastards up.

    Your bike will be fine. I've done a HART course. I didn't drop the CB250 more than once that they saw.
  20. Just leave it out mate. It's been a shithouse day so far.