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Never let it be said...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Spots, Sep 7, 2010.

  1. ... that Julia Gillard isn't gracious in victory.



  2. lol nice pic, i can just imagine her going "HAH HAH!" a-la nelson from the simpsons...
  3. anybody have a paper bag handy ?
  4. either that or she's teasing him about his ears again
  5. he looks like he's thinking "f*uck... keep smiling... i'm going to lose. i thought i was going to win, but i now know i'm going to lose... keep smiling. don't cry, don't cry... oh man my ears are so big!"
  6. Mate she's a double paper bag job. One for her and one for you in case her's comes off
  7. ...which (sadly) leads to other, not-as-clean thoughts, concerning prophylactics and the use of Deep Heat between the layers of rubber...JUST to be on the safe side ....
    I think I'd much prefer to put up with a HIM rather than a HER, as is now the case...Australians, brace yourselves and bend over for that pineapple !!!
  8. In that pic she is like