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Never leave your NAVMAN bracket on your windscreen !

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Mickyb V9, Jan 28, 2007.

  1. I went to the local mega-shopping centre for lunch this afternoon with a friend and as I was pulling in to park the car I noticed the owners of a ML430 Merc devastated because the drivers side window of their car was smashed !

    I spoke to them and apparently 10 other cars in the vicinity had also been broken into ! :eek:

    What did all these cars have in common ???

    A Navman (or GPS) bracket suction cupped on the windscreen !!

    Theives are now targeting cars with Navman brackets with the hope the owners have simply removed the device and placed it in the glove box.

    I'm a sucker for this . . . .
    Now i've removed my bracket and only put it up when I'm actually using the NAVMAN !

    Damn theives !!! :evil:

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  2. When we bought our navman, the sales guy at Dick Smith actually mentioned this latest forn of theft. Needless to say, we have a little black bag that we place the navman, the bracket and the charger into and carry it with us when we leave the car.
  3. Ahh...life in the big city. I love it. Maggots.
  4. interesting read... and yes i can see that happening. i mean hwo many of us take the " removableface" off our stereos and chuck it in the centre console/glovebox/under our seats??

    considering buying one myself soon... would be very handy to have!

    cant exactly read a road directory while riding the bike..
  5. funny you should say that.. i'd left the bracket on overnight, and looked at it and thought I'd better take that off..
  6. Similar thing happened to us recently, except that we were silly enough to leave the Tom Tom in the centre console. Bracket, cigarette lighter adapter as well as an MP3 player and Fm transmitter were all knocked off. Car was in our carport, two feet away from the front door.

    We, or I, according to the missus, was/were stupid enough to forget to lock the car, and ditto for leaving the stuff in the car, despite it being out of sight.

    A mate whose Ford Exploder was broken into had a heap of stuff stolen. All concealed. Thieves simply targeted the more expensive vehicles knowing that they stand the most likely chance of having more expensive stuff to steal.

    And if the fcuks are caught, they'll get a slap on the wrist, will be sympathised when they whinge of their deprived childhood, etc..

    Sometimes I can empathise with Sharia law, I can tell ya.
  7. G'day everyone,.......

    Damn theives are everywhere.......

    I remember my dad telling me when he was a kid in india he watched a theif taken to the public square and witnesses testifyed his crime,.....
    Thay simply bought out a machette and cut his hand off,....then thay dipped the end of his arm in hot tar to seal the end and then simply let him go.
    You never saw many one handed people in india and No no-handed people.

    Then you look at how we treat criminals with our revolveing door prison system which rewards them,......and we wonder why we are in the situation we are in eh??
    A system that has worked for thousands of years against a system that dose'nt want to offend a criminal?

    I think we have gone overbord Pandering to the crimes,......
    Just my 2cents.

    Dr Who?
  8. No offence to anyone who has a SatNav... I still don't understand why people need a SatNav to drive around town and on roads that you are familiar with...

    A Melway is just as good.. cheaper and less risks of being stolen.. :LOL:

    I understand taxi or courier etc might need one.. but for others... :?: :?: :?:
  9. I have found ours to be invaluable since buying it a few weeks back.
    Not only do i use it for work (casual disability services) and every day I am called out to a new address but even for every day driving. I don't have the best of memories so it has stopped me from pulling over to the side of the road to check a Melways.
  10. cash, mine was fantastic when i rode my bike to vic. I rode through sydney, canberra and melbourne all no problem :)
    My mate in Narre Warren said I was the only person to turn up without calling them cos they were lost .. and now i've got a job as a sales Rep, I'll be driving around Qld, NSW and going to NT..

    One of the best things I've ever bought :)
  11. Yeah.. for those who go to new addresses all the time.. understandable.. SatNav is the way to go...

    I was at my mechanic a few days ago, he was working on a car, window smashed and got broken into.. same story, bracket attached to the windscreen.. the satnav in the glove box got stolen..
  12. So anyway I found 11 second hand Navmans on the side of the road if anyone is interested. Hardly used, I give you good price, yes?
  13. :LOL: :LOL: Ya bastard.

    Hi Tanya,

    I have access to em (NavMan & few others) at below RRP & have always been
    interested in getting one for the bike & car but too friggen lazy to actually order one.

    My Q is, How often is the software updated (to cater for new addresses etc)?
  14. Good advice, time to change my GPS habits, no more being lazy and leaving it in the car.
  15. Thats where the lock box under the drivers seat i nthe Territory is great. Cant be stolen or broken in to....hopefully.

    I use mine to go to addresses of potential new clients. Easier to let it tell me when to turn than constatnly looking at my melway.
  16. I want to get one...

    I've heard of thieves simply cutting out the entire centre console of new cars... just cut out the panel, snip the wires behind and walk away with GPS Nav, CD Player + Stacker, Climate Control unit, Locking and Alarm unit... etc.

    You can write off a new Pajero just by pinching that skinny column of stuff between the gear shift and the windscreen :shock:
  17. For someone such as myself who doesn't live in MEL, our Tom Tom One was brilliant. Punch in the address and follow the destructions. Of course, it only starts to become really useful as you enter suburbs that you're not familiar with.

    However, it did have a trip computer function so, aside from having an accurate speedo it also indicated your time to destination and how long to get there.

    I wonder though, if the Navman will do to us what calculators have done, with respect to mental arithmetic - lose the skills of reading maps and becoming familiar with the urban jungle's maze of roads in lieu of following a voice prompt like a robot.
  18. But how many opportunistic smash and grab crooks know this ???

    You will be stuck with a smashed side glass and time and hassle sorting out the repairs and insurance.
  19. And your point is?

    Do you think that your valuables should be easily stolen thus justifying said broken windows and other damage?