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Never leave home without your Gopro

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Enigma, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I have made an observation. Ever since I have purchased my Gopro camera, I seem to notice all the bad drivers in sydney. Good thing is that I now catch it all on camera.

    I bring you exhibit A -

    I must say, I feel like a good samaritan for stopping and calming both parties down and being a mediator to this crash.

    P.S - how do you like the sound of my exhaust :D ](*,)

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  2. Seriously thinking of getting one of these. Hope you offered the footage to the guy you pulled up next to - looks like he was taken out by someone checking facebook....
  3. Is that Belmore?
  4. This is win well done. Need to encourage all of our riders out there to do the same.

    Can you dig out the Driver Down thread and pop it in there? :)

    P.s. You need to watch your spelling ;)
  5. I highly recommend it. And every rider out there to have it as well.

    I have offered the Footage to both parties and for their insurance companies to make the decision on who is at fault (although both IMO were)

    And yes railboy, it is canterbury road, Belmore.

    Oh Chef, tehre is ntoihng wrnog wtih my spelling..

  6. Good work.

    Side note, how the **** do people crash into each other at such low speeds? Are they both blind or am I missing something?
  7. tey r teh newbzoorz

    But seriously. Every time i drive i fall asleep and die.

    Good work on being a good Samaritan bro.
  8. TGM, I think it was the sydney drivers ( new stereotype ? ) mentality that a yellow light means green.

    yes, they were going slow that a little application of the "brake" pedal would of prevented this occurrence. Better yet, they should of obeyed the traffic lights.
  9. =D> QFT
  10. Yeah on second view looks like they both jumped the lights. Idiots.
  11. "Tehre" instead of there. "Incedent" instead of incident. "Ntoihng" instead of nothing. "Wrnog" instead of wrong. "Wtih" instead of with.
  12. kernel, that was my iPads fault with auto correctionz
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  13. Nice video, will have to start playing with my GoPro more.

  14. Both were dumbasses, clearly driving through red lights. I would have just left them to themselves and laughed.
  15. Usually they are just asleep, so their eyes are shut. But most are blind as well, so if they wake up, they still don't see anything.

    That's why you have to be your eyes AND there's. Simple. :)
  16. excellent catch.
    speed was clearly the major contributing factor. never mind that cagers don't look where they are going. irrelevant, this stuff would never happen if he'd just wiped of 5.
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  17. Nice to hear you stopped. Good samaritan indeed.
  18. probably right actually. They couldn't have been going much more than 5. If they wipe off 5, and just put their keys down somewhere at home, we'd ALL be a bit safer.
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  19. +1 Minglis
  20. whoops... didn't see ya...

    what a clown....

    Good job on stopping.