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Never ignore the voice in your head.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Seany, Mar 21, 2006.

  1. Took the bike in yesterday for a chain, sprokets and clutch lever. I figured if it went in during the afternoon, they'd have it 1st thing in the morning when it was booked in. I can suffer a few extra hours if it means getting the bike in time for a decent test ride in the hills. :grin:

    However, :( I did think it was odd that I wasn't asked for my phone number. I was going to mention it, but realized that for such a simple proceedure problems were unlikely so there was no need. ] :facepalm: Today I rang up at 3 (not wanting to seem like I was pushing them) and he says "I wish I'd taken your phone number, I spent the morning wishing you were're like the other bastards that ring at 11 wanting to know where their bike is." ] :facepalm: :facepalm: :facepalm: It turns out I need new cush rubbers and he didn't want to order them without the ok from me.

    [Thank God he also didn't want to fit the chain and sprockets anyway, then mention the cush rubbers when I came in (which would've been far more expensive for me) Yay for Stafford Yamaha! :grin: Roses for them :roses: ]

    Anyway, the point is I now have to wait for the rubbers to get from Race Replica to Stafford in the morning before they can do the job and I'm left without a bike for an extra day. All because I ignored the voice in my head. ] :facepalm: :(

    On the bright side, they've already done the cluch lever and repaced some globes in the dash for me. Looks pretty without duct tape holding the clutch lever on. :LOL: :grin:
  2. :cry: Cush rubbers didn't arriveuntil late. Now I have to drive to bowling and won't get to ride tomorrow until luchtime at the earliest. With the exception of the time I did an entire holiday without the bike (Redwings fault), this may be the worst holiday ever. 2 days of awesome weather so far down the drain. :cry:
  3. Feeling for you bro.

    Here have one of these to take your mind off... :beer:
  4. the guys down at stafford yamaha is great
    and they a excellent job at service...
    but dont worry the weekend looks to be good as well
  5. Why didn't you do it yourself? Doesn't anyone else work on their own bikes any more?
  6. Yeah, I do, everything but replacing the tyres (even then I take the wheel off and give it to them, save labour)

    But not everyone wants to do the work, and fair enough, it gives someone else a job. Just like not everyone can program a VCR, or cook a decent meal, some people aren't mechanically inclined, and it's much safer for everyonme on the road if they let someone else do it, Esp when they get a decent repairer like Stafford Yamaha appear to be.

  7. Good point. You convinced me with the "cook a decent meal" argument. (Can't cook, won't cook)
  8. That's an interesting point ... from what I've seen lately things have changed over the years. I still do all the work on my bike, but I come from a mechanical engineering background. It used to be a case of most everyone I knew that owned/rode a bike .. worked on it themselves. I'm quite active in 3 different clubs ... two of them could be classed as "enthusiast" clubs and most of the members still work on their bikes.
    The 3rd club is more of a social club and I've found most there get someone else to do the servicing/work on their bikes.

    I guess it's a case of "the times, they are a'changin' " .. or have changed .. maybe the advent of EFI and "computer mapping" etc has been a big part of it with regards to "tuning" etc?? Ah well .. I still enjoy "tinkering" with things mechanical ...

    Edit=fixed typo
  9. Greenguzzi, us Jap bike owners dont have to really do much work on our bikes. Youre just mechanically able cause of the bikes in your garage :cheeky: (except for the CX , that will outlive us)