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N/A | National Never fear, you're Nanny is here

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by Chef, Feb 17, 2011.

  1. Never fear, your Nanny is here

    ...well I'll be darned, it turns out Mark webber was spot on when he said Australia was turning into a Nanny state. http://www.theage.com.au/sport/australian-grand-prix/officials-f1-guns-collide-over-nanny-state-road-rules-20100328-r4qj.html
    ...and considering the towelling he got from the Po-Po (Ken Lame) and the media at the time, it appears they may owe him an apology of sorts.

    Because although they wouldn't admit to it or declare it publicly, that's precisely the path they've been traveling down all this time, only now those who are the driving force behind the agenda have declared their hand....

    I'll know you'll sleep soundly tonight after reading this, after all, that's what Nanny is for. http://www.heraldsun.com.au/news/national/a-camera-in-every-police-car/story-e6frf7l6-1226004114901

    According to Roger Cook if somebody crashes it's not their fault, it's the Governments. Another way to say this is, the government should do the driving/riding for you. Nanna's got your back. So would you want your Nanna on the back of your bike while you're riding? If you're not sure, go and try it.

  2. Certainly worrying that their main concern is tackling driver "misbehaviour", rather than the more important issue of driver incompetence.
  3. That's the safe systems way JD....please feel free to crash, but please do it 'safely'.

    Crashing 'safely' means a lot to drivers but means absolutely nothing for riders. How does a rider crash 'safely' for fvcks sake?

    The installation of wire rope barriers and the gradual reduction of our speed limits is all designed for human error to be non-critical for car drivers. No such thing exists for riders. Practically every crash between a rider and a car results in injury. Practically every crash between a rider and road side furniture results in injury.

    Their campaign isn't mistakes kill, or accidents kill, they're saying 'speed kills' for a reason. Because in the 'safe systems' model mistakes and accidents are a-ok, just do them at walking pace so you don't kill anyone.

    Roger Cook is 100% correct in one aspect, the responsibility of injured motorcyclists will be on the governments hands. By focusing on accepting driver error and lowering speeds they're making the roads more dangerous for us, we can afford to be involved in a collision at any speed, something which they've chosen not to address directly. That doesn't mean they're not addressing it though.
  4. Don't worry chef. I'm sure it won't be too long before we're all legally required to wear airbag jackets, airbag pants, and airbag codpieces.

    At least I've already got the latter covered.
  5. I look forward to filling mine up at petrol stations
  6. No personal responsibility, it is one of the foundation stones of the "way of the bureaucrat" (it is kind of like the way of the ninja but more efficient at fuc#ing other peoples shit up for them).
  7. You're spot on mate. I've just never seen anyone in a position of influence openly declare it before.

    This i believe is very telling though...

    ...sounds like the government may not be placing the same urgency on their recommendations as they would like them to. Sounds like they have their noses out of joint, maybe there's hope yet.
  8. Unfortunately a lot of people give away their responsibility and freedom because of fear, apathy and laziness.
  9. Indeed, The TAC has spent a shedload of money (our money) over the last decade teaching people to fear the road. They've focused their efforts entirely on telling us how dangerous it is and bemoaning the so called 'fact' that some people just aren't getting it. Whereas to those who are quite competent and capable on the roads they don't see it as being dangerous at all, they see the risks as being well within their grasp to control. Something which the scared and the fearful just don't get at all.
  10. Speechless. Absolutely speechless.

    Who is this Roger Cook D*ckhead?
  11. That there is what shits me. They use those figures to declare "carnage on the roads" etc etc. 1500 deaths, while tragic for those concerned, is in reality insignificant when compared to the number of people who die from cardiovascular diseases and cancer.

    From http://idealbody4life.com/the-leading-causes-of-death-in-australia

    If the governments are so keen to save lives, lets start with the biggest killers first.

    But of coarse that won't happen because there is no revenue to be made.
  12. The problem is this: The National Road Safety Council is only created to concern itself with the road accident casualty figures. It's brief does not include the overall picture. As such, it's only purpose is to explore even the most extreme proposals to fulfill its mission.

    NRSC doesn't have to concern itself with any other issues, or the possible negatives of it's proposals. That is the job of government, not councils and committees such as this.

    The purpose of these Strategy documents is for all sides to put their case. Hopefully we will.

    (Mind you, I have submitted comment a couple of times already that seems to have vanished into thin air...)
  13. That $27billion is a fudged estimate based on the willingness to pay economic model. In real dollar terms its actually more like $18billion.

    Interestingly, this EXACT abuse and misuse of the WTP economic model was predicted in the road safety strategy review I've been working on.

    Sensational. I wonder whether I can get this media linked in the review before is goes to press??!?!
  14. A simple way to track us all is to make Id collars for our ankles,
    Then they dont need speed camera's, point to point Camera's or any thing else,
    If you speed, your gone, no matter what you ride and drive,
    You can even be booked for speeding, Skiing, riding pushbikes, Jumping out of aeroplanes, The list is endless,
    Nanny state, Big Brother has already started, Goodbye Democracy,
  15. Well, at least people on this forum aren't sheep and buy into any BS told to us via the media.
    Of course it's revenue raising ... after all, they have to fill their back pockets and slush funds after the floods ... just imagine the overall cost of it.

    If it were about safety, they'd have reviewed driver training as well as issues such as re-licensing (eg old folk) years ago. They (Traffic Branch) would be actively out there, seeking out the real dangers to everybody, as well as the obvious idiots - they certainly would not be booking people doing 120 on a reasonably clear highway, or "egging drivers/riders" on to drag races so they can then book them ... or driving up your butt through the mountains in an attempt to scare you into speeding up.

    It's all BS and they're all corrupt ... every last ba$tard in any way involved with "managing and creating" this whole system.

    I'm waiting for anarchy ... I know who/what I'll be hunting ... (it's a joke ... smile ... or is it ... bwuahahahaha)

    We all like to get upset about the obvious facts which, quite clearly, stare anyone with half a brain (and who's using it) in the face. Problem is, most people these days are sheep and conformists ... you can do anything to those idiots as long as it's got an official banner.
    Things will change though ... the broad majority will get even dumber than they already are, people will loose more and more skills (and as a result get dumber again due to lack of mental stimulation/challenge) for the sake of automation and "making things easier/safer", and the governments of the world (or perhaps those really running the show) will get ever closer to their ultimate goal of total control of the masses ... and then we're back in the (modern) dark ages with masters and slaves. Think I'm wrong?! I say wait and see ...

    My goal these days is to be "aware", but otherwise enjoy my life as best I can ...

    Cheers & get on the bike for a looooong ride ... it'll make everyting better ... works for me :)
  16. It's EXTREMELY simple:

    It's Risk Management 101.

    If you take the view that:
    1) people die when they are moving in any vehicle;
    2) A reduction in speed is your only mitigation strategy; and
    2) ANY death is unacceptable and there is no willingness that driving and riding involves an acceptance of Risk,
    the only acceptable Control and outcome is to reduce the speed of people in vehicles to ZERO!

    The ONLY outcome of the current strategy is that NOONE gets to drive or ride anywhere!

    Think about it:
    What IS the acceptable speed at which they will be satisfied??
    80? 70? 60?? 50??? Been There, Done That and people are still dying.

    And if you build a whole bureaucracy (and revenue model!) to work on just this stuff, there is NO way that this situation is gonna get better. The first goal of a bureaucracy is to keep functioning! These guys won't stop until the speed limit is whatever can be matched by a geriatric on a scooter!
  17. Vision Zero holds 30klm/h to the speed at which you are unlikely to die.

    Vicroads et al use 40km/h, cos even numpties can slow from 40 to 30 before they hit something.

    So if you follow their train of thought to it's logical conclusion: 40km/h.

    Shits me up the wall no end, but I can't see a solution to all their bullshit apart from firebombs...
  18. Training and safer motorcycling roads are the only way motorcycling can fit into VZ outcomes. The authors of VZ said motorbikes had no part to play, but EU motorcycling has dissuaded them of that view.

  19. Actually if you follow their train of thought then 30km/h is the end goal. We've already witnessed incremental decreases in speed limits in Victoria, and if the likes of Cook have their way they will continue to decrease.

    Remember the 'greens' candidate that proposed 30kh/m for residential streets before the election. For sure he fell on his sword, but I see it as a political move to 'test the waters' so to speak. The sheeple aren't quite ready yet, but they'll keep working on them.

    What Cook's statement about commitment and active political leadership says to me is, the incumbent Government may not have bought entirely into the 'vision hero' concept or are content to dribble it out as the populace grows accustomed to it. More than likely though, Cook et el are priming the opposition parties and sending the constituents a message.
  20. Probably right, I was assuming Vicroads wouldn't buy into VZ bullshit completely...

    Optimistic perhaps.