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Never been on a bike but ready to try

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by RedRobbo, Feb 9, 2012.

  1. Well title says it all folks, my name is Rob am from South East Subs of Melbourne Narre Warren am 39 and yep never been on a bike. It is something I have always wanted to have a go at so in a couple of months I will book myself in for a weekend and get my license. I really like the look of the CBR250R for my first bike. If there is anyone out there that has any tips for me to ready myself for this adventure. I am taking it very seriously and safety in the top of my priority. Must say I really like the look of this Forum and look for ward to meeting some of you oneday when I start riding. Oh and by the way I am a Formula One fan to just love speed in general.

  2. Welcome to NR Rob, well have a look around this site different threads have different info, and alot of riding tips!! Read as much as you can, get your learners before you get your bike!! We all start somewhere mostly start with a second hand bike, this is due to 'we cry less when a used bike is dropped as opposed to a new bike' but each to their own... Get Oggi nobs!! this helps expensive plastic replacment!! otherwise, welcome to the smile club :)
  3. Welcome RedRobbo,

    Good job on taking the next step to getting a 2 wheeler :). I have had my l's for just under 1 year now and have loved every minute of it :). Best place for tips would be to check out the "New Riders and Riding Tips"section of these forums, they are filled with hours and hours of information.

    Good luck,

  4. and when you get your bike get down to the Sat morn prac sessions, theres a thread on that too, on beach rd, behind the BP servo next to St Kilda Marina and we have had people come in from packenham, so no excuses lol besides its good riding practise for you!! just wake up early :)
  5. Welcome! I'm getting the same bike :)

    I also attended the sat morning prac sessions and met a group of wonderful people. They gave me lots of info to think about and now I'm even keener than before. Some hot bikes there!!!

    I just drove there :) my next step is to ride there....
  6. Out of interest, as it's common for the handle bar to be bent on a lowside, the Oggi knobs doesn't help prevent that does it?
  7. idea of oggi nobs is that if you drop the bike it reduces the amount of damage done to the plastics eg the fairing, your handle bars usually cop it first then the next thing that pokes out most, eg, indicators, pegs, levers, then plastics so oggi nobs absorb may not save the indicators will reduce impact on pegs/levers and plastics. My bike went over on its side in the back yard, nobs helped reduce things to a little scratch on th ebar end also being poking out a couple of inches I didnt have to pick the bike clean off the ground at 230kgs [the bike not me] those couple of inches help the back alot! at speed the nobs will help reduce fairing damage. others here will tell there version and beliefs so listen up for feedback.
  8. Hi Robbo. Less than two months ago I was in your situation except I was about to turn 50. I've now had my Ls almost exactly 6 weeks and fast approaching 2000km of road riding.

    I'd say don't decide on the bike to get until you can ride them legally. At the very least start going around the various dealers and try a few different ones for size, seat comfort, weight etc.

    While you are in the bike shops start looking at safety gear. I was serious enough to buy a new helmet, gloves, jacket and boots before I went on my first pre-learners session. The rule of thumb seems to be about $1k for riding gear.
  9. Welcome to NR RedRobbo. Be warned this interest will probably turn into an addiction :) Enjoy the ride
  10. HI RedRobbo, sounds like you're in the same place I was late last year, I just got my bike on monday!

    I started out with safety gear so I could to the HART course fully kitted out and comfortable; helmet and gloves were pretty easy, it took a good couple of months to find the right boots though. Having decent and comfortable safety gear really helped me feel confident.
  11. Welcome Rob
    There's lots of good advice on this site and you will soon become addicted
  12. Hmmm not really. Oggy knobs are designed to protect the frame and engine sliding down the road. They can minimise fairing damage but it's not what they're designed for. Unlikely to help with handle bar (clip-on for cbr) or fork damage either.

    Take it easy in the first few months and remember that years in a car count for squat when learning to ride.
  13. Welcome to the fascinating world of motorcycles, NetRider, rides & various other things. :)

    Come on down to the Saturday prac at St Kila in your car and have a meet & greet with other members. Lot of bikes there to see and hopefully you find one that you like.
  14. Just wanted to say a huge thank you to all of you for such a warm welcome and thanks for all the useful and helpful information. I am looking forward to meeting some of you guys at Saturday morning practice soon\\:D/.
  15. Hi and welcome to NR.

    The best advice is just do it.
  16. Welcome to NR :)