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Never a dull moment ...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' at netrider.net.au started by mcm, May 30, 2011.

  1. So this morning was cruising down Beach Road in the left lane, doing around 60Km/hr passing a slow car which was in the right lane when I notice this Ford Territory coming really close behind me and trying to "push me" so I start slowing down and start fidgeting and swinging the bike left and right a bit so he finally decides to overtake.
    I stop next to him at the next set of lights look him straight in the eyes and shake my head, at which point the middle aged gentleman driving the car proceeds to open his window and tell me off for holding up traffic.
    Had a big laugh about it afterwards too, in fact it put a big smile on my face for the rest of the ride.

    PS I thought hooning was something only P platters used to do ...

  2. Grumpy Old Man Syndrome.
    Don't sweat it, just live happy in the knowledge that if you had been going to the very same place as he had you would have most likely arrived 30 secs after him and done so with half the effort and a tenth of the stress.
  3. I don't understand why people think the best thing to do is slow down and wobble around when a faster, impatient vehicle approaches from behind. I also fail to see what is amusing about this and I think it is somewhat strange that this incident "put a smile on your face for the rest of the ride".

    PS I thought only corporate media labelled everything "hooning".
  4. probably still would have shown him my penis
  5. Surely one can see the funny side of it, I mean who in their right mind would tell an L plater off for obeying the speed limit?
    I have been driving for about 20 years and although L plates are sometimes slow on the road it is expected since they are learning so I generally just overtake without stressing them out too much.
    The funny part was that he was so deluded that he didn't even realise that he was making a fool of himself and considering he had lost all his hair I would have expected a bit more tact and wisdom.
  6. About 80% of those drivers are just distracted, half asleep, or driving on autopilot just following the vehicle in front of them. Slowing down a bit and moving in the lane wakes them up, often resulting in them realising what they are doing and backing off.

    Not so in this case, but always worth a try.
  7. Ermm i believe he may have found it amusing because it was just so stupid.

    But yes, i don't like the idea of slowing down in front of someone that has already shown they are prepared to bully you. Better to just maintain your speed, or accellerate ahead and let the idiot through. Get 'em in front where you can keep an eye on them.
  8. did he get angry at the RED light for slowing down traffic????
  9. You know. That is going to be my next response to some twat. Once i figure out how to do it with gloves on...

    In the meantime, im gonna hand him my business card.
  10. Can't stand tailgaters. When i'm in my cage i drop 20kph below the limit.. just to make sure they're extra pissed off.
  11. So you enjoy antagonising angry and frustrated people? You get kick out of fuelling their rage?

    I find this mentality interesting. For a while I thought smashing mirrors was an acceptable response until one day I realised that, although I might not get rammed, some other guy might end up having to deal with a maniac in a car, a situation I would have played a part in producing. And honestly, that is something I don't want on my conscience.

    So why exactly do people feel the need to slow down in front of other motorists who are clearly frustrated at being stuck behind slower vehicles? Is it to teach people a "lesson"?
  12. If you have a lifted patrol with big bull bar and spotlights like mine, i just let them pass then do the same to them. See how they like it.
  13. Nice haha
  14. Define slow? Do you define it as the speed limit? Because if i'm on or just over the speed limit I'm not being slow, the other person is being an impatient jackass, and someone in that state is already endangering me, my family and other motorists.

    That impatient jackass is elevating my stress levels and pissing me off, what recourse do I have? Just as he feels he has the right to tailgate me because i'm not going at the speed he wants me to, at the end of the day i'm on the speed limit and am completely in the right. Slowing down is the only recourse I have; with my anger levels already peaking i'm doing something irrational in return. So farking sick of impatient twats. They are the ones ruining it for everyone on the roads nowadays. Everyone has a shitty commute, why make it worse for everyone because the tailgater has the patience of a three year old? Act like a three year old, you'll prob get a similar response in return from other motorists.

    If your post was an attempt to call me out as a tit, sure, feel free, but at the end of the day the tailgater is the one being the asshole.
  15. tailgating is not only dangerous, its also illegal. Gotta admit if Im in the car doing the speed limit, and somebody is tailgating me badly - I stab the brakes quickly (just to light them up) or turn on the rear foglights and watch the guy behind madly try to emergency brake before hitting the towbar on the back of my 4wd lol

    If he was driving properly with a 2 or 3 second gap - the mad braking manover wouldnt be required and I would be minus one laugh for the day
  16. Had a woman tailgating me (and I noticed her mouthing off in my mirrors) this morning waaay too close for comfort. The lights changed and I got off the bike and went back to her to ask what the problem was.

    Conversation went like this...
    Her: Along the lines of - You're going too slow and should get off the road in peak hour if you want to ride 20kph under the limit.
    Me: "Err, what you mean?? I was sitting on the speed limit."
    Her: " It's a 60 zone and you were doing around 40!"
    Me: "It's a freaking school zone with a fixed speed camera and it's now 8:15am! Didn't you notice the big red flashy warning sign back there??"
    Her: "Oh... errr... is it? sorry"
    Me: "Idiot, didn't it occur to you that everyone might going slow for a reason!" and stormed off shaking my head in disbelief.

    Rode off and she quickly became a speck in the distance :rofl:
  17. +10 Blaise!!

    The problem with people who are 'doing the speed limit' feeling self-righteous about it, is that they are often doing a few ks under due to typical optimistic speedos. I drive a heavy vehicle and use GPS for speed and am often frustrated by f-ckwits doing 5 or 10 under while blocking the right lane.
    (Steps behind blast-resistant wall) usually Queenslanders.
  18. Generally I agree with this sentiment, however being a Territory you can't really be sure it's not an unmarked until you can look at it properly rather than through pitiful mirrors.

    As a motorcyclist, we spend a reasonable amount of time breaking various laws while riding. I am as soon as I roll of the driveway as my exhaust trumpet (can't really call it a muffler) isn't remotely close to legal. Are we then justified to choose which laws to obey at what time if we willing throw off others at will? That's not being consistent. Yes tailgating is bad manners, but there aren't many other ways of communicating that one would like to be on their way with a bit more hustle.

    As it stands I have no issue with the events in the OP. The guy could overtake for crying out loud, why did he have to tailgate instead?

    For single lane situations, I'm with you snuff3r. If someone wants to go faster, I will generally do what I can to effect this but not at the expense of my licence. That said, I won't be slowing down either - tailgater's really don't annoy me, I can keep a fairly level head when I'm the one slowing someone down.
  19. So...some loser tailgates you. Uses his car to intimidate you. He's too stupid to know the difference in being 2ft from a car in front, and 2ft from bike in front.
    One risks a dent, the other could be risking serious injury, perhaps a life, in the worst case scenario.

    As a rider, it's a simple choice, take him up on the challenge, by putting your body on the line if it gets out of hand, or, PISS OFF OUTA THERE!

    One decision is'nt worth the cost of your indignation, the other is just smart.

    Your on a bike that does'nt take much for a ton of idiot metal to interfere with, to have you sliding down the road in front of him, the other is proactively riding to a safer position.

    There is no room on a bike for ego, indignation, or bullsh*t bravado. If you can look past your annoyance, you will see a very clear message on which decision to take.

    Now, if you don't want to look like a pussy, scampering out of the way, make it a decisive and well defined move to slip into the next lane, which shows to tossbag that his tailgaiting, did'nt work - that it was a choice YOU made...that YOU are in charge of your own destiny.

    The idiot will go past, and if you still need to be defiant, move back to where you were decisively, or weigh up any new dangers in maintaining your new road position, and ride accordingly.

    It's not hard to be safe and assertive.

    It's easy to be in the right, but dead.