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Never a cop around when you need one...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Chef, Feb 23, 2010.

  1. ...actually that's not entirely accurate, even if they ARE around they don't do anything. :furious:

    So I'm riding along minding my manners because the Po-Po are in the next lane and just to the front of me. As I'm scanning the traffic ahead I see the 4wd in front of me change lanes and pull in front of the cop car without using it's indicator. Beauty I think, finally they're going to ping one, because it is something that gives me the complete shits.

    But no. Nothing. Bupkus.

    So I think typical, the rozzer doesn't see anybody speeding so no harm, no foul, play on...

    ...a bit further up the road and I get up beside the cop car, so i have a look in to see what could be more important than pulling over a dangerous driver. Well now i get it, she's in the middle of a phonecall. Yep, phone pressed up against her ear sorting out her social life. Clearly it would be dangerous to do that and reach over and hit the blues and twos.

    So i'm glad she was sensible enough not to do that :butt:

  2. strangley enough, they are allowed to be on the phone, do as i say not as i do :)
  3. well that is strange, cos it definitely did not look work related......and I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest the uniform and the car meant she was at work.....and i might even add, pulling over someone for not using their indicator while changing lanes, is actually her work.

    You know it could be my imagination, but it feels to me as though less and less people are using their indicators nowadays, but then if a camera can't take a photo of it why would they bother? The police sure aren't.

    It bothers me so greatly because if they're not going to use their mirrors properly, they're not doing head checks, and now they are not bothering to even indicate, what hope have we got of avoiding the ****ers when they lane change?
  4. hahahaha today on punt rd i got cut off by a unmarked cop car who's driver was talking on his mobile phone. he swerved into my lane without looking or indicating.

    there was a marked cop car right next to me and they didnt do anything. pure lol.
  5. You don't have to use indicators anymore.It's all to do with using less electricity, thereby less greenhouse gas emissions. You may kill a Motorcycle Rider, but you are helping to save the Planet. You know it makes sense.
  6. hence I always ride with my $50 helmet camera
  7. Back in the good ol' days we used to kick their mirrors off if they couldn't find a use for them. Not anymore though, now it's all touchy feely 'drivers are people too you know kind of stuff'...

    You're absolutely right it is lol. Makes a mockery out of Ken Lay saying he's going to catch someone before they get hurt, you should look closer to home Ken. I did consider for a moment this posting this in Jokes and Humour.

    ...and if even one motorcycle rider has to die to save the planet then it's been worth it. Think of all the kittens they've saved as well. The way Peter Garret's going at the moment, he may even make this policy.

    I would of given my right nut to have a camera onboard yesterday, I think I might just get myself some of those.
  8. what does the $50 camera do?
  9. Provide much laughs when the videos of cops in the wrong appear on youtube? :demon:
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  11. It steals the offending drivers soul.
  12. A while back I was waiting at lights to turn onto Sydney Road when a woman on a bicycle shot straight through the red light across the road and made a right turn in front of a marked cop car - who had to brake hard and only just missed her. Hello I thought, she's gone now.

    Nope - even though he had to brake hard, he totally ignored her and just kept cruising. I figure they were at the end of their shift and heading back...
  13. Won't work - most of them don't have one :)
  14. ""All your bikes are belong to us. You have no chance to survive make your time.""

    google it
  15. I have had enough of stopping infront, blocking the road and looking back threateningly

    next time its a swift kick... how to i convince them to come close enough when i look so pissed though.

    also they cant take demerit points for criminal damage right? even if it occurs on the road?
  16. LMAO, now that's funny...

    ...and that's GOLD!!!

    Coppers are quirky creatures, some days policing is totally mood dependant.

    I hear ya Slick, some days i can be a bit moody myself :-w

    I don't believe so :D
  17. it just gets old when it happens so often.

    I wish there was a way that i could fine people who do something dangerous that would be culpable/reckless driving if i actually hit them...

    yes a fine they pay directly to me on the spot with the ammount determined by how pissed off i am.

    I still enjoy stopping in the road and staring... they never try and get past. one dude went around me yesterday when i was having a mexican stand off with another vehicle and he got the fright of his live when someone (some random, not me ;)) came whoolieing past him on a big black bike.
  18. aint that the truth.

    I've had a couple of rippers in my time.

    Heh heh, wasn't me either.
  19. lol one time, beach rd in stkilda.

    4 lanes of traffic stopped dead about 100m back as some old dude in a vl started reversing back towards them when i put the sidestand down and started walking back along the road towards him.

    pure gold

    seriously i was the only vehicle for miles at the time and there was 4 lanes and he looked right at me and pulled right out into my lane.
  20. you should have done a wheelie passed her and see if that would get her off the mobile.