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webBikeWorld Neutrino Black Box "Intelligent Device Controller"

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' at netrider.net.au started by NetriderBot, Nov 15, 2015.

  1. Version 2 of the Neutrino Black Box Intelligent Device Controller is the newest and most advanced system from Arboreal Systems.

    It's small in size but delivers a large payload.

    This newest variant has tremendous flexibility as either a set-and-forget or interactive system allowing automated, semi-automated or manual control of all circuits and connected devices.

    Like the original Neutrino, everything -- hardware, firmware and software -- all come together as a superb user-friendly product.

    Its features and options for configuring and customizing circuit outputs allows almost any permutation a motorcycle owner might want to try.

    Once configured, it will provide the programmed services seamlessly; you can leave your smartphone at home.

    Although if the smart device is kept at hand or mounted for viewing, it acts as the controller for the Black Box.

    This provides the user with access to a host of information from Neutrino and smart device sensors, available via the Neutrino Cockpit Controller app.

    As a power distribution and management system, its encapsulated solid-state architecture, simple installation, easy access connection strip and mature management app for iOS and Android Bluetooth smartphones or tablets puts it at the top of my list.

    One of the first accessories I install on any new motorcycle is one of the new generation of power distribution and management systems.

    This allows me to connect multiple electrical accessories and have them powered and managed safely, with or without any interaction from me.

    In having used many of these systems almost since they first became available I have developed a pretty good set of requirements over the years, and many of the original and current offerings satisfy these requirements.

    But as an early adopter of almost anything -- especially electronic accessories -- the Arboreal Systems products are my favourites. They satisfy most or all of my requirements while also keeping me intrigued about how they might evolve.

    Since the original Dispatch 1 power distribution system, there hasn’t been much of anything else that provided head-to-head competition.

    As such, until the original Neutrino came along, I had installed Dispatch 1 systems on my home fleet of motorcycles, which provided unfailing use. When one motorcycle left, its Dispatch 1 unit would come off and I'd install it almost immediately on the new host.

    Zooming forward and with all but one Dispatch 1 system replaced by Neutrino systems, all was good, although I was wondering when a challenger would come along. The wait wasn’t long.

    The Motobrain Power Distribution Unit was released and Motobrain really upped the ante regarding technology, input and outputs, capacity and functionality and evolutionary potential.

    One of the coolest features built into the Motobrain is its ability to be updated "Over-The-Air" (OTA) as part of its wireless connection capabilities. Although downloadable USB-based updates do work, I wish more products would incorporate a wireless maintenance capability.

    But in some regards, the complexity of the Motobrain system can also work against it. It does a lot of work, but users need to be aware of the "how" and "why" to best exploit its capabilities to the fullest.

    The point here is that power distribution and management systems for motorcycles continue to evolve, along with so many of the electronic we use.

    The way forward seems to be the integration with and the convergence of on-board and third party systems providing an app and/or headset-based control environment for the rider.

    Stay tuned and we will continue to bring you the latest as the products are released.

    But back to the present and the subject of this evaluation: the next generation power distribution and management unit from Arboreal Systems, the Neutrino Black Box V2.

    The newest Neutrino Black Box is just more of the same, with even more features and functionality, better screen layouts and so far, very reliable.

    Neutrino Black Box Version 2.

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  2. Works well on an bike. Simple to use. Awesome capability for auxillary lights and heated grips.
  3. So I have the following issue:

    When I connect my usb port (to charge the phone) to my battery terminals and have the phone plugged in and charging - I really struggle to start the bike. It will turn over and over and takes a while before it kicks into life - not something you want to be doing with an MV Agusta with known sprag clutch issues in the past....

    When I unplug it (no current drain) - no prob.
  4. Maybe you've disturbed the contact of the heavy leads that feed the starter when you were connecting up the accessory?
    The draw of a USB charger would be nowhere near enough to drop the voltage and cause starting issues.
    Remove the wiring from the batter terminals and reinstate it carefully and make sure all the lugs are properly seated and making good clean contact as you tighten the terminals.
  5. can't be that.

    I used the battery charging leads under the seat to connect the usb power lead to (had to buy the corresponding male super seal two pin plug to do this) so never went near the actual battery that's under the tank.

    The bike turns over like crazy, just does not fire, so enough power to the starter, just no signal to spark or inject fuel?

    Anyway, I can replicate this at will by either plugging or unplugging the phone so at least I know the root cause
  6. Oh, OK, I took your "connected it to the battery" literally.
    Could it be the phone is injecting interference via the charging lead and causing the ECU to not trigger sparks or fuel injection pulses or something silly like that?
    You know how you hear the weird buzzing and dit di dit di dit sounds when your mobile phone is near your computer, perhaps that is carried by the charging lead and upsetting the ECU.
  7. Your guess is as good as mine. Could be.

    My HTC has a 'rapid charge' feature that can draw up to 2.5A. My only thought is the current drain somehow stops some relay from firing.