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Neutral Noise?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Toefa, Sep 13, 2007.

  1. Hey guys, probably a pretty easy one for the mechanically savvy...

    When i have been riding the last couple of afternoons, my journey goes for a couple of KMs then i have to wait a few minutes for Starlet to finish work. I seem to be getting it up to normal operating temp then when i stop, i let it sit idling in Neutral, the moment i click it in to Neutral i hear and feel a rattly kinda sound, with a feeling of marbles in the Gearbox. I noticed it was less obvious (slightly) when i would pull the clutch in, yet non existant if the clutch were pulled in, while in gear.

    Anyone have any clues what may be causing it?

    Oh, and as it says over <---- there, the bikes a CBR250rr
  2. 'Tis you clutch thrust race; when it is not under load it makes noises, when you pull the clutch in it is under load and goes quiet. I don't know if it's a Honda thing, or a bike-in-general thing, but mine does it too.....
  3. Pheeew.... Thanks Paul. Thing is i have only just noticed it, and it had me worried. I have just done my own Oil, Coolant and Fork oil change and thought it may have been something that i had done :?

    Thanks for the reassurance.
  4. All bikes do it. As Paul said, it's normal
  5. hmm.. you guys sure it happens in all bikes?

    i had a cbr250r (89 model.. which is ALOT older than your RR) and i have never experienced anything like what's been described
  6. Ive noticed this too, i thought it was normal because it happens on my brother bike too.

    What ive recently noticed is that when i start it up from cold it makes the normal noise, but after its warmed up and ive rode it for a little bit and i wack it into neutral, it makes a louder hum and the bike vibrates a little bit, i thought it was the fan kicking in at the start so i dont know how long its really been happening.

    any ideas what it could be?

    - Honda CBR250RR 1999
    - 21000 kms
    - New fork seals + oil (1 week) (Think it was happening before this)
    Coolant change (have noticed it running a little bit hotter, did i stuff something up?)
    - Only had it for 4-5 months, Dont know about prev. service
    - Does have sitcker saying needs service at 22,500 kms from Balls HPT, (otherside of town)
  7. Many bikes continue turning the gears even when in neutral due to their design. When the clutch is pulled in the gears stop turning. I think it's called constant mesh but not sure.
  8. Yea the normal hum it makes i guess is synco-mesh or what ever. But this is different. it only happens after a ride, doesnt happen to my brothers bike (same bike) either. Its like somethings grinding and vibrating the bike.
  9. normal.
    although biceps some bikes mask the sound with other noises.. or extra unrealness
  10. My gv250 Hyosung 2009 1200kmls does it as well and bike shop said its normal.
    Gears keep moving till you pull clutch in.