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Neutral light, Husqvarna TE511 (2011), RWC VIC required?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' at netrider.net.au started by cwoern, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. Hi,

    Bought recently a TE511 (2011, first registration 2013) and need to get the RWC done. The small garage I took the bike to called and informed that there are 2 issues which need to be solved before he can supply the RWC.

    1.) Chain guard missing. Well, it looks like this bike never had it installed but that's something which makes sense and I just ordered that piece of plastic.

    2.) The bike doesn't have a neutral light! The guy from the garage called VICRoads and they told him it is a legal requirement. He mentioned to them that the bike doesn't appear to have it (he was not 100% sure), the response was that I would have to bring in a piece of paper which details that this was exempted when the bike got the compliance.

    What a BS, I phone the local dealer in Geelong, he confirmed that these bikes never had one (and I can't recall to have had one on my previous SMR570), a phone call with the former importer in QLD confirmed the same. There is none, the only indication lights are for indicators, high beam and fuel.
    However, dealer and importer didn't have any supporting documents which I could demonstrate.
    I find it a bit funny that an end customer needs to provide any documents regarding compliance for an officially imported bike which is not modified.

    Does anybody have an idea or advise?

    Regards, Chris
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  3. Yep, thought the same after I found a similar requirement sheet.
    Spent approx. 1 hour this morning talking to several people at VicRoads and spoke eventually to one of the engineers.

    He insisted there is a (new?) requirement for this neutral indication but he is also aware that several manufacturers get exemptions (he also gave an example regarding keyless entry/start of a car. That is apparently also not complying but manufacturers get an exemption for that and rely/refer to European safety standards which permit those things).
    He was pointing out the great safety factor that neutral lights provide and asked me what I would do if I start the bike and it runs off because it sits in the first gear. I replied that sort of things don't happen to me (and to my knowledge any other riders) as we sit on the bloody thing, furthermore I pull the clutch lever when starting the bike. In his eyes there are cases proven that it happened already and caused harm.

    My question as to where does this fact leave me he pointed to the importer who should be able to supply me information (which I called yesterday as well, other than the verbal statement that this is new to him and the confirmation that Huskys don't have the neutral light I didn't go anywhere).
    Alternatively the VicRoads engineer suggested to get a written confirmation from the original dealer. Just phoned the RWC place, he would be happy to accepts this to cover his arse.
    All very strange and dodgy in my opinion.

    Regards, Chris
  4. Interesting, it would be nice if you could get the specific legislation that they reckon has changed but I agree importer letter should be sufficient.
  5. Just take it to another shop .
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  6. I think you are being stuffed around. The fact it was registered means that the bike was compliant with the ADRs at the time. If the bike has not been modified, it should be fit to be registered, so long as it is is roadworthy in a conventional sense. Many OLD bikes are on the road that do not comply with current ADRs because they do not have the functions expected in new bikes these days. Neutral safety switches, or clutch switches to the ignition spring to mind, but I honestly don't know whether these are represented in the ADRs but would hazard a guess that they are. My newer bike has these features, my older bike does not. Both are registrable.

    It is my understanding that ADRs, when they change, apply to all NEW vehicles from the time when a new change is introduced. That is, they are not retrospectively applied to all vehicles in use, though states may have measures which make them a part of roadworthiness for registered vehicles.

    Your situation resembles the Victorian take on helmet cameras.
  7. Take it to another shop and talk to the mechanic if he would pass it due to these issues.
    If yes, just get a new RWC through him and build up your rep with the store.
  8. According to the mechanic this stupid neutral light is a legal requirement since the late 80s!

    I unfortunately don't have the legislation but personally had a look into the book at the garage last night which guides the mechanics through the steps of items to be checked for the RWC.
    I actually read it on my own, a "green indication for the neutral gear" is shown as one of the test items.

    The garage which originally sold the bike is preparing a letter/mail which will satisfy the RWC garage (I would have done the RWC at the Husky dealer in Geelong which seems to be quite good but it is too far from my place as I don't have a trailer to take the bike).
    The reason the RWC garage is chasing this is the fact that they have been recently audited by VicRoads and are apparently required to take a certain amount of photos as an evidence of the checks conducted.

    Fingers crossed I get the letter/mail soon, the RWC man is happy as he can file it with the test results in case there is another audit.

    It would be indeed very useful to have a copy of this test-book (had about 5 chapters with a total of probably 30-50 pages)!

    Regards, Chris
  9. One of those Catch 22 situations then, the bike passed ADRs with no Neutral tell tale but a local official has decided to overrule ADR's. If the bike wasn't fitted with it and it was imported with compliance plates then they can't retrospectively ask that the bike have the neutral light so just a paperwork shuffle for you I am afraid.

    Re the photograph thing yes it has become more of a requirement, they have to be stored at the garages expense and the regulators only want to see them if an audit occurs or there is some dispute. It seemed mainly to prevent swapping pipes after roadworthy for ones that wouldn't pass. Not that ity prevents you doing it but it means they have a record of how the bike was when the RWC was done.
  10. Just a short feedback. The RWC garage was happy with this little letter (prepared by me and signed by the Husky dealer) and the bike now has the RWC.

    Regards, Chris
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