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Neutral Hard to Find

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Ameoba, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. I've found with my CBF250 that when the engine is running selecting neutral is almost impossible, requiring a bit of luck. I mean I'm in first and I tap the gear shift up but it will jump straight to second. Likewise going down from second trying to get it in neutral.

    It feels like my clutch is not fully disengaging when I grab the lever, like there is still engine pressure on the gearbox. Would this be a fair assessment?

    It's due for a rego check soon, so I may just ask them to take a look, but is there any quick fixes you know of?
  2. My gv650 was the same at lights . I used to knock it into N as I was coasting to a stop. I then did an oil change and that fixed the problem for some reason. The old oil wasn't that old, maybe 4000 klms old, might have been a better quality oil I put in it
  3. Oil too heavy
    Clutch (if cable) not enough free play can over-throw and drag
    Clutch (if cable) too much free play, not releasing fully
    Clutch if hydraulic, leaky slave or master cylinder, causing not releasing fully
  4. Clutch cable, probably definitely. Are you finding it hard to get down into first, takes a good stomp?
  5. Not really a strong stomp, but more force than the higher gears definitely
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  7. Why do people feel compelled to stomp into first? It is never necessary even when first is difficult to select.

    Anyway first thing to check is that the clutch is properly adjusted. You said it feels like it isn't but is it or isn't it. After that as said, an oil change may help.
  8. Given this is my first bike I don't have any reference as to how much pressure it should take, I don't have any trouble selecting gears while riding, just can't put it in neutral at lights. I need to get a mechanic to look at it for rego check anyway so I'll ask them about it.
  9. How old is the oil? Not just kays, but how long has it been in the bike? Remember, the moment you put the oil in the bike it's contaminated and starts to break down. I've had bikes with under a thou on the oil, but having sat for months without use, changes can be stiff and neutral almost impossible.

    Check clutch cable adjustment and give the thing an oil and filter change, and I would be surprised if the problem didn't magically disappear.
  10. Depending on the design, gear lever linkage might need adjusting if there is a lot of slop (usually a simple job).
  11. So it's in for maintenance and rego check. From the sounds of it chatting with the mechanic it could also be an issue with the clutch. If the bike has seen a lot of learner action with the clutch and/or been a little thrashed it can wear out enough to make neutral hard to find. To fix would be to replace the clutch.

    And they just called to say the chain and sprocket needs replacing :(

    Good thing I knocked a couple hundred off the price when buying it.
  12. Chains and sprockets wear and are consumables so sooner or later you would have been up for these costs.

    Even replacing the clutch isn't necessarily that big a job. However I would defer that until adjustment and oil change have been done to see if that works sufficiently. If not you will be up for the cost of some extra oil so no biggy.
  13. I bet they saw you as a walking paycheck as soon as you went in. I'd certainly be getting a second opinion.
  14. I have an 06 hyo, my boss actually fixed mine- I could never get neutral at the lights [not for lack of trying] and everything you described in your OP was how mine was... Would sit there like a goof with the clutch in and a sore hand... He adjusted my clutch cable now it's fine. Hope yours gets sorted!
  15. After the service the clutch feels better. But neutral is still hard to find.
    Sounds a little smoother too, I guess a new sprocket and chain might have seen to that.
  16. Sometimes the use cheap and nasty oil. I used to have this problem on my bikes, but since changing the oil myself it is no longer a problem
  17. My word for the night is 'practice'. You can practice finding 'N' in the driveway.
  18. Well, the pre-learners training wore off pretty quick. :(
  19. Much easier to change gear while moving slowly than stationary - that includes putting into neutral.
  20. there may be some Ducati riders out there with too many neutrals who can give you one.
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