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Neutral finder in CBR250RR

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rendezvous, Jul 27, 2007.

  1. Does the CBR250RR have a positive neutral finder? I seem to have problems getting it into neutral when the bike is stationary.

  2. sounds like you may need to adjust your clutch a little ie take up a bit more slack
  3. I used to have the same problem but it wasnt always the case where I cant find neutral. It can be touchey at times for some reason...
  4. ok the clutch has been adjusted with the friction point engaging halfway in between the clutch travel. (it was engaging late prior to adjustment) but still unable to find neutral when in first gear.
    The bike is stationary. Clutch in, push down into first gear, pull up to change to neutral but it goes to second gear. Push down to try to get it into neutral but it goes to first and so on and so forth. Occasionally with a bit of luck i am able to get it into neutral from first. When the engine is not running, neutral engages without a problem.

    my left wrist is starting to become sore :-(
  5. Nah you need the clutch to engage later in its travel, if its engaging just off the handlebars theres a good chance that its still semi binding. So you need to adjust the adjuster out , secondly how long since oil has been changed in your bike ?? old thick oil tends to make things bind
  6. I cant adjust it to engage any later, im finding it tricky to launch in first gear as it is. The bike was serviced a couple of weeks ago before i purchased it. The engine oil is new - light brown golden colour. Its a 99 australian delivered model with less than 15,000km.
  7. I have the exact same problem with my hornet ( which I believe runs the CBR powerplant ). Tried clutch adjustments .. to no avail :(
    I suspect it may well be a clutch pressure spring issue :-k
  8. How long have you been riding it for. I found on mine that the more i'd been riding it, the easier i tended to find nuetral, however the 250rr's do seem to get their PMS occassionally and it is an absolute biatch to find nuetral.
  9. blipping the throttle helps greatly to get neutral
  10. Rolling forward also seems to help sometimes come to think of it
  11. a few questions:

    Do you EVER shift up or down without the clutch (yes people do it and it's smooth on the baby)

    Does it do this only when cold, or when it is warmed up or after a good hard ride?

    Have you ever dropped the bike on the left side? did you bend the shifter?

    does the bike ever pop out of second gear when you're wringing the guts out of it (example, off the lights, 1st to second, find second then *vroooom* oops thats neutral *clunk* second again... away we go)?

    One would tend to believe it's a gear selector fork if you're having serious constant issues, especially if you have adjusted the clutch correctly, and the bike is 'new'

    What brand of oil is in the bike? Some oils, believe it or not, do not fare very well in the baby blade, and lead to slippy clutches, and other strange loud noises (like big-end bearing clunks)

    at the very worst, you have a shifter / gearbox issue.

    but, as has been said by others - CBR's do play up on occasion. I've had mine for 11 years and have experienced the exact same issues, many times. I have not worried about it, but if you're riding along in second, and reving the guts out of it and it pops out of gear.... straight to the mechanics for pulldown and new selector- provided you've done everything to ensure the bike is behaving otherwise perfectly.