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Networking through Netrider

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Miss_dj, Mar 7, 2007.

  1. Ladies & Gents,

    Last night as i lay in bed thinking about ways to expand my business through networking, i thought were else better than to oganise something through Netrider?

    I was thinking about holding a business networking function some time within the next few months, but before i went ahead wanted to see how much interest there would be.

    Your thoughts and ideas would be greatly appreciated :p

    Untl then...

  2. Out of sheer morbid curiousity, what's your business do?
  3. Excellent!

    Good timing! You're somebody i would definately love to talk to!
    I hope we get a lot of interest as i envisage this to be very beneficial to a lot of people out there...
  4. Who's? Mine of Cambo's?
  5. It seems to involve laying in bed....... :p

    then again it could have something to do with the web address she has in her profile.
  6. Its a bit far for me to come but I'll keep watching.
  7. Hey Dale,

    Just saw your site! Wow... How did you get into that?
  8. I know it's not the case here but it reminds me of the Amway days where "networking" was the in thing.
  9. Taa Miss_dj. I am an electrician by trade, and an electronics engineer as well (don't usually add the initials after my name though :oops: ) Started riding in 1980 and people at rallies and socially asked "can you ...." etc. Thats how it all started. Got injured (car accident) and couldn't go far so turned a "hobby" into something a bit more serious. I'm now the importer of the Starcom1 systems and make up cables and lots more to mate stuff in :grin: . In a way I'm lucky I got hurt. I now get to see and talk to LOTS of like minded people and REALLY enjoy making a living doing it.
  10. Ive wanted something like that for ages!
    Being in the Finance Industry, im always on the phone to clients and lenders, so riding a bike can be frustrating at times. Ill go for a ride, get off, checkl my phone and have 5 missed calls and messages etc.

    I guess not being contactable can be a good thing too :shock: :p
  11. Ok ladies and gents,

    Some of you have said you're interested via other channels.
    Make sure you post your interest here so i know if its feasible or not.

    Thanks :)
  12. You are one person I really want to network with, been looking for ages for a system and getting some good service and advice has been hard.

    I am in the creative design field with many years experience in marketing consumer products, was a sales and marketing manager for a large tobacco company etc etc, well know I focus on design, print and signage for large corporate clients. Have some contracts which allows for steady workflow all year round. http://www.directprint.com.au

    Happy to help people out if they need advice etc.
  13. Yeah, I looked at Dale's site ages ago when looking for a cruise control to help my riding because of my stuffed wrists.

    All of a sudden, the desire for the cruise control has tripled due to me destroying my shoulder in the latest incident :(
  14. Yeah i saw that one. With this idea though, i wanted to see if i could generate enough interest and then organise an actual function/meet & greet with a guest business speaker and what not.

    A good friend of mine is the chairman of the Melbourne Junior Chamber of Commerce (MJCC) and is willing to help in generating some exposure for those interested.

  15. miss dj try contacting emma from bussiness chicks. she is based in sydney but they work in melbourne as well. i am looking at hosting some of there melbourne breakfast functions and she is well established with some good ideas. try bussinesschicks.com.au it should be right. let her know that chris from doncaster mini gave you the address and im sure she can help
  16. Hey Chris!

    Great!!! Thanks heaps for the info :)
    Will definately let you know how i go...

    Cheers mate
  17. Hi Ladies & Gents,

    Just thought i would rehash an old thread and see if i can generate some more interest. I'll be honest and say that i was alittle suprised at the lack of response when i originally posted it up. :?

    Anyway, im at it again :wink: (Im a persistent thing!)

    WHo would be interested in a possible June meet and great breakfast/dinner/drinks?

    Let me know your thoughts.

  18. Count me in!!