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Netriders to the rescue!!

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dr Who, Apr 19, 2007.

  1. G'day everyone,.......

    After a bad day at work and haveing finnaly made my escape!!
    I was driveing home down the western highway,just out of the marsh part way up the Pentland Hills I see a bike on the side of the road,lights on,left indicator going,helmat on the seat,rider resting against the railing.
    So I stop and see whats up,.......

    This young guy has just bought a 250 CBR fireblade,(2nd hand)it has run out of fuel.
    The guy he bought it off said he filled it up,rode off and came back when he went to pick it up.
    This obviously did'nt happen...(The filling of the tank)
    So I go back to the marsh and fill a juice bottle I had (2ltr)with fuel for him and go back.
    I put the fuel in the tank,and ask him if the bike is set on resurve.
    He said it was ,he changed it when it started to run rough but kept running rough then just cut out a few mins later.
    So his lights are on and have drained the battery,.....so a roll start was performed.
    I let him use my mobile to ring his father who was going be bringing a trailer to pick him up,he had called useing someone elses phone who had stoped before and left.
    His father was just getting to Ballan so decided to meet him at the BP servo there.
    I said I would follow him to make sure he got there not knowing if 2ltrs would get him there.
    About 20klm.
    Anyway he takes the wrong turn and go's into Ballan itself instead of staying on the highway with the BP just a bit further on.
    In sight in fact.
    I follow him through the town till he stoped.
    After talking to him I just said follow me and I led him to the servo that at that point was closser,but it was on the other side of the highway.
    He made it ok,.......
    We parted and as I left thought as he is on the wrong side of the highway I better call his father to let him know he is OK and where he is.
    Well what a night!!
    :p :p :p
    All's well that ends well!!

    Dr Who?
  2. I reckon its the best feeling in the world (after a couple of other things :twisted: :oops: :LOL: ).

    Good onya :wink:
  3. Oh congratulations... You deserve the pride of australia medal more than Nicole Kidman does... Stupid biznitch does nothing for Australia and gets a medal at least you HELP PEEOPLE... Go Who! :grin:
  4. Good story. :)
  5. G'day everyone,.....

    My hands still reek of fuel.......
    Might need to go wash them again!!

    Dr Who?
    (soon to be "Clean Who?")
    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  6. :) A nice story. Hoping there are more riders out there like yourself!
  7. Good on you Who, it's nice to know that there are still people out there willing to help complete strangers bravo. grin75.
  8. Good Work Doctor...
    Did you give him the details of netrider?
  9. Good stuff.

    There's too many Dr Dolittles out there. :p
  10. Haha, Donkey and I once pulled a way illegal U-turn to check if a rider on a CBR250 was ok.

    EXACT same story - just bought the bike, guy said it had a full tank.

    -Tank not as full as previously suspected :p

    He already had a mate on the way with a jerry can, so we kept him company for a little while and told him all our 'running out of fuel' stories :grin:
  11. I almost had the same experience (ran out of fuel). I ran out of the main tank and I didnt know what the bike was telling me when it cut out. I sat down at the site for a few min and figured out it was the fuel and switched to reserve. I started her and she came back to life. The thing is, I was on my was to the petrol startion which is about 2Km away from where I ran out of fuel.

    I've been keeping tabs on how much fuel im using. I found out that I get about 14-15km/lt. So 2 lt should get him at least 25km. Im not too sure how much I have in my reserve though.

    How much fuel do we have on reserve? I have a CBR250RR.
  12. How often does this happen to people with new bikes?

    When I bought my motard from burwood, I got as far as Alexandra Ave in Toorak when the fuel ran out. Happily I wasn't too far from a servo, and the motard is hella easy to push :)
  13. Nice to know there are people like you out there, top work.
  14. The answer is not to rely on someone else's word I guess. I bought my bike new, and was told they had put in petrol - I asked how much and they were vague enough "Oh probably 10 litres or something" so I figured it was best just to head to the nearest servo and fill it myself. Better safe than sorry :grin:
  15. Well done, drwho, it's always nice to help, just for its own sake...

  16. that is shocking consumption for a 250 i get 15km/l on my vtr1000
  17. Probably an extremely conservative estimate, which is wise when you're talking low fuel.
  18. kudos Who :applause:
  19. Good work Who.

    Have only bought one bike, and was advised that the tank was full, person then opened the fuel cap to show that it was full. :LOL:

    Unfortunately not everyone who sells a bike is as honest, so always a good idea to check or fill it up yourself at the fist servo.

    I will usually stop and at least ask if all is OK. When my bike was knocked over and the accelerator clipon snapped, had to push the bike about 500m to the bike shop to get fixed, had several people that stopped to see what was going on.
  20. Nice work mate :)

    It's good to hear about riders looking after one another.