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Netrider's Saved My Life..

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by presti, Jun 2, 2013.

  1. Well. This morning was the first time i've been on my bike in over 2 weeks since my last very close call (car merged on me without indicating in an 80kph zone in the rain and we clashed mirrors)

    I filled the bike up and thought i'd do a 10-15km round loop after to get the cobwebs off. Coming down Lysterfield Road in Lysterfield (duh) it was damp so i was taking it very very easy.

    Caught up to a VZ Commodore as they were taking it very slow. Came around one of the very last bends before Napoleon Rd and saw her start to slide out. At this time i was 3 or so seconds behind, just about to enter the corner. She was more than half way though. I couldn't brake, i was on a bee's dick throttle. The went nose, tail, nose, tail into the guard rail. I ended up lightly trailing my rear brake through the corner, got to where I had straightened up and applied front brake and stopped about 2m from her door (she was sideways over the road)

    Without the Saturday Morning Practice sessions in St Kilda, i would have either panic grabbed my front brake and ended up straightening up into the guard rail and wrecking myself hard, or come around doing 10-15kph more than I was and slamming into her car and still wrecking myself. I have been only riding for 4 years, I felt confident in what I could do. This instant has shown me that I am not confident in what others can do.

    So thanks NetRiders, Dav, GregBM and everyone else who helps with Saturday Morning Riders training in St Kilda - I can honestly say you HAVE saved me.
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  2. Sounds like you handled it really well!
    Tricky situation. Really glad you're ok.
  3. Well done!
    Yeah, the Saturday morning practice sessions and those who contribute are to be commended. I reckon we should put them in for an award or something even if it is just a hug from a really hot celebrity.
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  4. Well done mate, I really need to get my butt to one of these sessions.
  5. Good work Presti, sounds like you did real well in a difficult situation
  6. Good to hear you survived unscathed, Presti

    It doesn't even have to be a celebrity. :)
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  7. I actually find it sad that without this,you may have died.
    Good luck on your journey.