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Netriders riding at MotoGP races - PI

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Oct 10, 2009.

  1. Hey Guy's, just wondering how many Netriders are riding at the Phillip Island MotoGP races?

    Myself and Mark (zxrno1) are having a bit of a play in the Superbike races, anyone else playing? In 600 Supersport or Forgotten Era classes?

    I met Mark yesterday, nice guy, thanks for giving me those used Bridgy's to use, turns out we are not allowed to use 'used' tyres, we have to have two sets of new tyres marked at the start of the meeting! Not sure what I'm going to do yet, it might end up raining and I won't need any slicks, LOL
  2. They said the same thing last year re the used tyres but there was a few that had second hand ones marked for qualifing, but new ones wouldn't hurt.
    Looking forward to setting up on Thursday, weather looks crap for qualifying on Friday at the stage, I think Josh Waters did a 1.46 in the wet at the Wolrd Supers support this year so qualifying would be about a 2.02, which is doable.
    Here's hoping to some good weather and a PB for the weekend.

  3. I'll be there. I've only got 2nd hand rubber though.

    These New Balance offer great grip in both the dry and in the wet. The Surface and the Island is terrific for the compound that I have chosen.

    I think I've got it down to 1.45sec

    I'm hoping to do a PB this year. I will have my pedometer with me and hopefully I'll be able to get up and down pitlane faster than previous years :p
  4. I'm having the strangest sense of deja vu...

    Anyway, despite numerous requests from factory teams I have respectfully declined to race at PI this year. Maybe next year :wink:
  5. JohnnyO I'm racing mate, you know I'm always racing... racing what??
  6. I suspect they do that to safeguard against the fact that they cannot be sure exactly how old those tyres are, so just enforce a blanket ban on 'used' tyres. As I'm sure we all know, slick tyres have a shelf life and after being used already that shelf life reduces even more, certainly a darn site less than 2 years. The rubber will in fact go 'off' and it will no longer behave with any predictability making the tyre itself dangerous. You can't just say "I will ride that tyre to it's limit" as that limit is not consistent nor predictable.:idea:

    Sometimes rules are put in place to protect us from ourselves.:wink:
  7. Nah, the promoters wouldn't worry about that, anyway, I have new tyres that would be a hell of a lot more dangerous than the used tyres that I propose to use, As an A grade rider and having raced for 35 years, one would think that I might know what I'm doing ;-)
  8. Yes one would, which is why investigators are always so puzzled after an airliner flies into a hill with a Captain who has 35 years flying experience.
  9. I'm bound to crash into something with or without new tyres LOL
  10. That makes no sense at all Johnny.....none.
  11. Because you don't understand all the details, I have new tyres that are over 3 years old, hell I have new tyres that are 15 years old, I have new tyres that are the wrong shape and will cause violent headshake. I have tried & tested used tyres that I know have only been used once and have not had numerous heat cycles, I know what I'm doing even though there are many other 'experts' that think they know better.

    Anyway we're are getting off track, I was just wondering if any other racers were here?
  12. Nope......only ex racers.:D
  13. FFS I get so bored of reading the New Posts on here just to listen to people like 'LOL' when what I'm really interested in is how people like JO are going getting ready to race...

    It's his bike, his body, his pride if it goes pear shaped. Let the man do what he wants.

    Sure, *maybe* an older bike/person/tyres could pose a danger to other competitors, but really... any more than the assumed risk of ripping round a track at 250km/h+?
  14. What shape is a pair?

    :p :p :p
  15. My girlfriends pair are well rounded
  16. I like those types.
  17. Exactly my point.........PRIDE.......some people have none.:D
  18. Bugger what everyone says, John. You'll be having more fun than me.
  19. LOL, if you keep it up, you'll get booted again. Just play nice
  20. Well the bike is nearly ready to load in the trailer, I've only got to take the quick shifter off tonight, (major bummer, to bad it cannot be hidden like the Suzuki's and Yamaha's), then it's just a piece of 4 x 2 between the legs on Friday morning to swell up some more corner speed for qualifying :)