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Netrider's own mythbuster

Discussion in 'Multimedia' started by vic, Jul 25, 2006.

  1. Smoking whilst refueling is perfectly safe.

  2. :shock:

    Okay, for the beneift of us out-of-staters, the culprit is ....... ?
  3. Simon aka SOBIL
  4. Sorry vic but it looks a little set up :?

    Meh - still a lesson to be learned
  5. ...accidentally drop that ciggy into the hole and see what happens!!!!!
  6. Oh bejesus... Sobil! what tha?
    And whos bike were you taking hostage there? :? :p
  7. He was smoking whilst refueling. We pulled the camera out and took the photo, it really did happen :shock:
  8. Im shocked :shock:
    And you didn't run away Vic?
  9. Sobil was perfectly safe. Any kind of wind would have diluted the vapours.

    Hot ash or the ciggy falling into the tank though... well that would have been a whole other story!
  10. holy shit. the vapours are the flammable part. If there was any sort of break in the wind, and a stream of vapours came up to meet his cig, he would be fcuked. the explosion would probably ignite the fuel/air mix on top of the liquid petrol in the tank.

    sheer stupidity.
  11. Hey I'm not condoning it... smoking is a definite health hazard! :LOL:
  12. um i take it that u guys havnt seen his bike
    if anything it would of done some good to that bike or make it more safe
    :LOL: :LOL:
  13. that doesn't look like the fizzer or what was left of it, has he got another bike now? :eek:
  14. Its the same bike. It looks different coz of the 1/2 a 600RR ductail and the front & back covers of a spiral binder making up the other half.
  15. Cigarettes actually won't light gasoline ...
  16. the ciggarette would go out, thats what would happen.

    petrol needs a naked flame to ignite, a red hot cigarette butt won't do it. i've proved it to people countless times, always a good money maker.
    go pour some petrol into a cup and drop a smoke into it, it won't light.
  17. *Evil-O runs away*
    No chance i'll be doing that! :LOL: :grin:
  18. Actually petrol needs a nice balance of oxygen (ie air) and vapour plus an ignition source. The reason a smoke won't light up a bucket of petrol is there is a lack of oxygen available to allow combustion to occur (too rich).

    Spread it around on the ground a bit and it's a whole other story...

    Love the photo though. :LOL: