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Netriders in Canberra??

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by JontyG, Dec 21, 2005.

  1. Hi all,

    I'm moving up to Canberra, for work, in February. I was wondering if there are many Netriders in Canberra?

  2. I am a netrider lurker mostly but I do live in Canberra :)
  3. There's three users listed for ACT and only one for Canberra, (userlist). Some riders don't reveal their locations in their profiles, but do in conversation. I know there's quite a few who have posted in the past.
  4. you poor bastard my heart goes out to you having to go there......
  5. Why Stewy? The backyard is some of the best bike roads in Oz..

    I pity you Victorians "The Nazi State".....

  6. jdm is RIGHT, a million roundabouts on which to practice your cornering skills, three cars at a traffic light constitute a traffic jam, and some fabulous twisties out in the Brindabellas...
    Of course, as well, there's the -7 degree mornings ...
  7. -7 degree mornings... that's what thermals and heated handgrips are for :D (must get some...)

    Hi Jonty - I'm in Canberra too... mostly a lurker on netrider :) Did meet up with another netrider for a ride once... don't know if he is still around or not :D
  8. lol, funny thats been the general reaction when i mention the move :p

    I'm tring to keep an open mind... aside from the motorbike (a newly acquired hobby :D ) I do a lot of cycling (road and offroad) and 4x4'ing, all of which I've been told is great in Canberra, so all in all it should be good. Looking forward to getting out and exploring the countryside on the bikes and in the 4by.

    I will miss the bay though :cry: Anyone know of any good windsurfing spots within 2hrs of Canberra? the lake does not appeal :shock:

  9. Just moved to Canberra, myself. (Well, a couple of weeks ago).
    Youll see me kicking aorund the place :)
  10. I'm from Canberra originally - wished I was on a motorbike back then - roads are great and I can't wait to take my bike up there- 'deyago' and I are heading up that way in March - will post up a coffee night perhaps when we're in town...watch out for the pesky kangaroos though. If you're into cycling I can put you onto some keen cyclists in Canberra - just PM me.
  11. HEY Lurch, how are you settling in???
  12. Good to know there are a few up there.

    As previously mentioned, I'm new to this - just a couple of weeks off my L's - and loving it :D. Now that my confidence is improving, I'm looking forward to getting out for some longer rides; so hopefully I can tag along with some of you.

    I don't suppose there is a Canberra coffee night? May need to start one :wink:

    Will do, thanks!

  13. Hey Jonty, if you start a coffee night, I'll come along! :D

    I'm not long off my L's either, got my P's in October, upgraded to an ER5 about three weeks ago - am still getting used to the bigger bike but am loving it!

    See you around (look out for the black ER5 with me in a bright pink jacket)
  14. Failing that there's always the p0rn and fireworks :LOL:
  15. Sh!t yeah...how can i forget the p0rn...thats why i'm leaving my GF in melbourne :LOL: :wink:
  16. Funnily enough, you get whole armadas of windsurfers and surf-skis on Lake Burley Griffin; must be something right about it. Failing that, Batemans Bay is 160km down the road...
  17. I'll be in that if I'm in town..

  18. ..... it's the eastern-most suburb of Canberra :LOL:
  19. Hi Canberra netriders,
    Just moved across from Sydney. Here for anywhere from 3 months to 28 months. Settled into a place in Queanbeyan for now. Keen to catchup with riders in Canberra to develop a bit of a social circle to help get me out on the bike over weekends and away from the pool halls.

  20. Hey mate,
    I'm up in canberra, I'm still learning (hoping to take the MOST in the next month or so) but would be happy to catch up and do a bit of riding/general socialising. I do normally work weekends though, but up for as much riding as I can fit in.

    Let us know if you are keen.