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Netriders @ Highside Camp ground

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Flipper, Sep 11, 2007.

  1. I am fuming as I type this but Trackside campground is definately sold out!!!! :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
    I will try to keep all profanitys out of the post tho :evil: :evil:
    The group we usually camp with pre bought their tix about a month ago so that leaves the rest of us high and dry....well high as in Highside :roll:
    Up the hill with the boring crowd :cry:
    Anyways, for those who are camping or want someone to camp with, we are going to set up a Netrider based campside at highside seeing as there are a few of us already going to be there. We head down on Thursday morning and head home on Monday.
    At highside, you still have access to trackside campground and the shop, band etc, you just can't pitch a tent there so I am guessing some of us will be spending some time down there ;)
    Anyone else want to join us? There are about 10 of us so far.

  2. Ive just payed for my highside ticket so you can count me in....
    Mind you im going to be broke till next payday...so lotsa 2 min noodles for the next 2 weeks for me.....
  3. Sorry to hear that.

    I'm dying to see what their "theme" for this year will be. Last year they had a gokart with a dome tent over it which did a lap of the track after the race. That was SO funny to watch. The year before they had a guy with a surf rod "fishing" for women using a rather interesting bait and a sign "Phillip Island - wear the fox hat" and they did...
  4. :LOL: You missed a year, last year was reasonable quiet, it was the year before that Joe made it around the entire track inside a dome tent atop a go kart....
    Don't make me laugh at the memories mjt57, i'm still pissed off :oops:
  5. NOW your making me thing about it.....where is something to kick crush and destroy.... :shock:
  6. Sorry. Just trying to make you feel better....

    Thing is, you WILL be there, just that you have to sleep in a different spot, I s'pose.

    I've got somewhere to stay Sat and Sun nights (Fri night too but I'm nightshift), but I'm only getting a GA ticket. I expect to find it somewhat crowded on race day. I'll be taking a disposable seat too. Something that's light to carry around and to toss it when I'm done with it.
  7. I seem to remember posting in a previous thread that ticket sales were up some 170% so perhaps this is an indication it will be a big crowd this year.
  8. Got our tix yesterday via registered mail :grin:
    Only 15 days to go \:D/ \:D/
  9. Yeah, looking forward to it, too. Unfortunately I'm doing it pov-style this year. GA ticket for Sunday only.

    At least once, though, I'm gonna do the corporate hospitality thing before (a) I croak, (b) the GP is lost to PI and (c) I get too old to go doing stuff like this...

    Only thing I regret is that CS couldn't wait til the Island to claim his title. That would've been the icing on the cake - 1st. Vermuelen, 2nd West, 3rd, Stoner (give the other guys a turn, huh?)...
  10. 1 week from now, we will be sitting at trackside after already had a few too many beers no doubt.
    Only 7 sleeps to go!!!! \:D/ \:D/ :beer: :beer: \:D/ \:D/ :dance:
  11. I'll be camping Highside aswell this year.
    I guess I'll come over and say hi if I see you, We'll be there thurs-Monday also.
  12. You won't be able to miss us. Look for the hawaiian shirts ;) or look at the
    pic here to see what I usually look like during MotoGP weekend :LOL:
  13. Forecast for Cowes

    WED A Few Showers. Afternoon Clouds. Mild. Min10 Max19
    THU Passing Showers. Afternoon Clouds. Mild. Min13 Max18
    FRI Passing Showers. Mostly Cloudy. Cool. Windy. Min9 Max13
    SAT A Few Showers Afternoon Clouds. Cool. Windy. Min8 Max13
    SUN Showers Early. Sunny. Cool. Breezy. Min11 Max15
    MON Sunny Mild. Min11 Max21

    Well at least Monday looks OK :shock:
  14. Anyone looking for Flipper/Rolla/the rest of that rowdy mob should be looking in Trackside, NOT Highside I was reliably informed this morning.. :wink: :cool: