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netriders doing Folding@Home ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Geoff3DMN, Jul 11, 2005.

  1. I noticed in another thread a week or so ago that a couple of people mentioned they also did folding at home.

    I was just wondering how many people actually fold around here?

    Also was wondering if the mods would mind if I sought extra recruits for Team 24 on here? ;)

    Why? Well you see... there is this battling Aussie team fighting to keep the US at bay.

    It is based at Overclockers Australia, but includes sub teams from Whirlpool, SlackNet, ZGeek.com and many others.

    If the mods don't mind... and if there is enough interest I was thinking that netriders could be represented by a sub team (as are many other boards in Australia), and it is timely in that our local Australian team will shortly be overtaken by the [H]orde from the US :(

    It's been an incredible acomplishment by a small country to keep the lead in this, but it's about to come to a halt unless team 24 gets some new recruits...

    What is folding I can hear some people asking... a quick run down is here

    and a bit more here...

    Does it interfere with my computer? Almost never, as it only uses unused cycles where your computer wouldn't be doing anything except wasting power anyway...

    So what about it people?

    Comments welcome (permission from the mods welcome too) ;)
  2. Depends. Unless it's sheets, I usually just stuff it in the drawer without ironing.

    Just a quick note - after the phenomenal success of the SETI distributed project, many workplaces banned participation because of the perceived increased costs in network traffic. Check with your workplace. I guess that's why they've called this one "folding@home"
  3. Yeah, I was going to say the same thing, my sheets just get stuffed in the cupboard pretty much as they come off the line too.
    Seriously, though, ZRX, I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT??!!!!! Sorry, not being difficult, but please explain!
  4. Folding@Home is a little program that sits in the background on your (or my) computer that 'thinks' when your computer isn't doing anything...

    So if you are reading a post on netrider and only using say 10% of the computers ability to 'think' then the little program will use most of the rest so it isn't wasted.

    It doesn't interfere with what people are doing because it's set up not to (it gives up whatever it's doing for _anything_ else).

    As to what it's 'thinking' about it is bending (folding) proteins.

    Many many pharmaceutical companies use huge expensive supercomputers to do basic research and then when they discover stuff they patent it and charge thousands of dollars (or more) for a course of drugs to treat illness.

    Many (most) universities cannot afford to compete on a dollar for dollar basis with these huge companies but if they do not then we will be faced with a situation where cheap medicine becomes a thing of the past.

    So where does folding@home come in?

    Well... you see instead of using a huge 100 million dollar super computer the folding@home project breaks this problem into tens of thousands of little bits and each home computer works on a little bit at a time.

    Then each home computer sends back what it's done to stanford universities servers over the internet and stanford's team analyze the data.

    If (when) they discover something new they release that information freely into what is called the public domain, so that no company can lock the information up in a patent.

    This is good because it means that third world countries, low income earners and you and I end up with cheaper easily available medicine, not expensive patented medicine.

    folding@home uses very little network bandwidth and the concerns of the 'many workplaces' that chairman mentions are IMO unjustified.

    I run this program on our work network (which I am in charge of) and on our home lan and experience no problems.

    Many companies, governement departments and individuals are helping... a notable government entity is the Tasmanian Department of Education for example.

    But folding@home should not be installed on any work pc without permission never the less, that after all is not your pc.

    But as also mentioned this concentrates on @home.

    Please ask any more questions, and if I can't answer then I'll chase up the answers :)
  5. have they got it for linux? I have a spare mandrake box I use as a server and is always running in the background that would be happy to pop it on.

    EDIT: Never mind I found It I'll pop it on today when I get home
  6. There are clients available for Linux, OS X and windows.

    The linux client is only available in a console version, but given you are running it on a server boxen that would probably suit better anyway.

    There are guides to setup here

    The client can be downloaded from here

    If you want to fold under your own name then just pick a user name you like.

    If you want to fold for subteam 'Netrider' just enter that as the name, either way if you want to help our local Australian team stay on top choose Team 24.

    I use the linux client on my internet gateway box and it works fine :)