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Netriders behaving badly!. . . Hit me Baby one more time! :P

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Mickyb V9, Sep 22, 2007.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. Britney Spears is so 1990s ! . . . .ROFL

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  1. I'm lost for words !
    I thought coffee meets were only for coffee and bike talk ! :eek:

    So why was it dress up like Britney day ?


    I thought Vic and ACT NR ladies were baaaddddd !
  2. I think the answer must be 'hey why not?' :LOL: :LOL:

    Top effort ladies.
  3. =P~ =P~ =P~ :smileysex:

    errr, oops, shouldnt have done that :rofl:
  4. I think their identities and phone numbers should ONLY be known to me.

    I will take special care that they are not released to the wider community so that they dont recieve any harrassment or unwanted phone calls.
  5. I think there is scope for some improvement there, for brand placement.
    Obviously they'll all need some personal tuition and assistance - at once of course :LOL:
  6. no way andrew, you are clearly a bad, bad man. i can see it in your Av :rofl:
    i'll kit up in full ceremonial colours, and change my av tomorrow ;)
  7. I warned all you guys and girls tonight.

    Look out for the dirty old men coming to next weeks coffee meet.

    If I see two or more Hardleys (or Busa's :p) in the carpark next week.
    I'm turning around.

    LOL @ Busa reference !
  8. Wow, so is that what happens at these coffee meets hey!!! :shock:

    Looking very good ladies :grin:
  9. Apparently next weeks theme is either . . . .

    1. Boy Band
    2. Village People !


  10. Lol, I hadnt worn the Indian leather vest in the current millenium. Should I see what colours and assorted paraphenalia I can drag out from my early 90's days?

    I dunno how much is left... maybe it's time to collect some more. Knew I should have bought the Harley and not the TRX...

    PS Thanks to stump for the sunnies - but Im still not sure if the head is more scary shaved or with the bandanna.
  11. come on micky your holding out on me [pics] :wink:
  12. After my accident, I promised my papparazzi days are over ! :grin:

    I'm a changed man.

    (yeah, right everyone says)
  13. [​IMG]

    Now dont hold back micky :LOL: :shock:
  14. mmmmm Micky's Grid girls.
  15. blanking out the faces was nasty, but the rest was pretty good :D :D

    we should get the vic girls to do something similar on a friday nite coffee i think :D :D

    god to see you out and about micky.
  16. 24hrs since yesterday . . . . i'm still in slight shock ! :eek:

    Can't say much for Veilspade (Dave) though . . .
    He has goooone missing ! . . . . probably still in shock ! . . i mean, look at his fire engine red ears !


    yeah, yeah, my accident has not changed me . . . . :grin:

    But no more paparazzi pics, starting from . . . . . NOW !!
  17. nice angle in that one micky! :LOL:
  18. Oh dear!

    Hey leave my fire engine ears out of this..........
  19. lol micky mel might kick your ass next weekend when she is up there
  20. We're not looking at your ears their Veilspade :grin: