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Netrider wins 6th consecutive Hitwise Top 10 quarterly award

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, May 3, 2007.

  1. For the last 18 months running, Netrider has consecutively won a prestigious Hitwise Top 10 Website award for the Automotive - Motorcycling category

    We are currently ranked the 4th most visited website in Australia in our category, and have held the #4 spot since July 2006.

  2. That is quite an achievement! Well done guys!! :grin:

    I don't suppose you have the details of the rest of the top 10? Be interesting to know where motoring enthusiasts are going on the web.
  3. Congratulations to all the team.
  4. Congratulations guys, that is awesome :grin:
  5. i noticed the little sign

    well done
  6. Re: Netrider wins 6th consecutive Hitwise Top 10 quarterly a

    Hmm, pain killers a couple beers have mixed for me to produc From HitWise

    Advanced Hair.. Yeah Yeah!

    All catchy slogans aside, seems HitWise was worth starting up for Adrian Giles and Andrew Barlow. As from here

    Yeah, I'd be pleased with a $240 million sale of your startup (from just 10 years ago) :wink: Then again, 250 looks better than 240 :cool: I'd say lots of members from here started out with a 250 *boom tish* :-k Well, at least the non LAMS state ones :biker:

    Most interesting is this bit

    Might be a good venture for a few people to start up. I'm sure an end product sale of a measley sum of just $200 will do. That should be enough to give away a Ducati 1098S to one lucky member each month for a year :wink:

    So, get to it and get crackin' !! [​IMG]

    Someone send me a PM when it's done and you want me as a fatcat to attend the 2 or 3 board meetings a year and a salary of a mil or two. You need someone to do dirty work like this and plus I'll be great for PR. New projected $200mil sale of startup in 3 years hires one armed gimp (I'll keep the sling on if my brachial plexus nerves heal up in the mean time)

    I can tell this is what you'd see in the mirror right now if you looked in one. :shock: Last time Emma accidentally mixes up stuff and gives me a second dose of after dinner pain killer meds. I come out with drivel like this for example. :eek:

    Oh yes, congratulations on whatever I was originally going to congratulate you on, I seem to have gone on a different tangent. (Won't be long til my Mogadon kick in so I can get some sleep! :shock: )
  7. Re: Netrider wins 6th consecutive Hitwise Top 10 quarterly a

    Sounds good.

    Just so we can appreciate the magnitude of this achievement - how many websites are in the same category? Four, four hundred or four thousand?
  8. I understood that this information is not freely available and it needs to be purchased. No idea if anyone known to any members (who read these type of posts) has access to this. Not 100% sure on this though so don't quote me ;)
  9. I think the report costs $1600
  10. Re: Netrider wins 6th consecutive Hitwise Top 10 quarterly a

    Every and any motorcycling website with either a .au or hosted in AU. Hitwise takes it source from core/backbone ISP infrastructure, and derives the stats from there. By my thinking, it would certainly be in the mid to high 10's and it wouldn't surprise me if it was into the hundreds.

    "Hitwise has developed proprietary software that Internet Service Providers (ISPs) use to analyze website usage logs created on their network. The anonymous data sent to Hitwise from the ISPs include a range of industry standard metrics relating to the viewing of websites including page requests, visits and average visit length."

    It's $650 for a monthly report for the motorcycling category. Too rich for our budget :(