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Netrider Vinyl Stickers

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, May 4, 2005.

  1. Following on from https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=5722 ...

    With great thanks and appreciation to VTRSteve of www.directprint.com.au Netrider will have vinyl stickers available free of charge to those that want one to attach to their bike.

    Here is an example draft of the stickers, https://netrider.net.au/pics/netrider/NetriderStickers.jpg

    As Steve is very gratiuously doing these free of charge, here's the deal for those that would like one. Bring yourself and your bike to Friday night coffee (if your in Melbourne) this Friday (May 6th) and Steve will apply it to your bike on the spot.

    Those outside of Melbourne that would like one, please contact us and we will arrange with you.
  2. Jason, woul like one of these but unfortunately can't make it too coffee night. Any suggestions?
  3. Nice stickerage

    But can I have one without the "draft" bit?, cos my bikes got a fairing and I don't feel much draft at all

    OK OK i'm going

  4. Do you intend to make these avalible at other times? As I can't do this friday!
  5. Can I put one on my rack bag, not on the bike?

    My bike is virginal (no hooplah on it) other than the number plate frame.

    Lovin' the design of them though!
  6. In sydney and would love one. couple o' questions though:

    Dimensions of the sticker?

    Is it going ot be white or transparent? Cos I have a black bike and if it's transparent you won't be able to see the black writing... And if it's white then it'll prolly look a bit funny.

    Big ask to VTRSteve, could you do an alternate sticker on transparent or black with white writing? For those of us with black bikes???
  7. Here is the answer to your question.
    Size is 180mm long x 60mm high, and they will be vinyl cut all in white, so short look pritty good on the black. And i guess with Jason or Vics approval I would be happy to do one in what ever size you want, as long as you make a donation to netrider (No charge my end). But any smaller than the above and the vinyl letters are getting too small.
  8. Will have to look to see where I can fit them. May even have to be the panniers. Might get one for the cage as well.
  9. OK, Live in Wheelers Hill, Bike in Williamstown, can't ride because of my knee....so, coffee night???? it's out for me.


    p.s. Yep! Midnight deserves a warning!
  10. Just a quick question, has the .net, .com problem been sorted?
  11. I'll do my best to get to Fri night coffee - if possible I'd like 1 for the cage and 1 for the bike (will make a donation to the Netrider Admin Retirement Fund if that's what it takes!).
  12. What was the issue with the .com.au, .net.au??

    The problem was with the .org.au.

    And no not yet, it is still under investigation.
  13. Those that cannot get to a coffee night can still have the stickers, it just means that they need to pay for postage.
  14. ok, .org!
    Sorry about the mistake.
    Anyway, read my other post about VTRsteve in regards to stickers.
  15. <-----newperson . I will take some but just to put on the car(s) not the bike . Couldnt bare to put stickers on the old beast.
  16. Just a reminder that we still have stickers available, FREE!

    If you would like a sticker for your bike or car, see me at coffee night(s), on a ride, or other event :) I have stickers with me for tonights coffee at Fasta Pasta ( I can hear Black betty saying "Yaaaaa!" :) )

    If you can't make it to coffee's etc., just drop us an email and sent a stamped self-addressed envelope (A5 or bigger plz, so as not to fold the sticker too many times) and we'll send it back to you with sticker inside :)
  17. I'll have to cach up with you on friday coffee nite..

  18. You lyin bastard you said i had to sleep with you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  19. Except I can't make it tonite :cry: - just as well I got them from you at the Expo :p

    PS - they don't seem to want to stick to the car - how can I convince them to stay on?
  20. If you don't clean the surface you are planning to stick them on they won't stick, and if you have already applied them when dirty then those can go in the bin.