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Netrider Ventrillo???

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Memphis, Apr 13, 2009.

  1. Yes

  2. No

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  3. I use TS because I don't know any better :D

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  1. Hey All

    I've got a ventrillo server (Voice Comms ova the interwebs)

    Is it worth setting up a room or two?

    Would anyone use it?

    It kinda was brought up in another thread, but thought I'd start it up here.
  2. I think ventrillo is more popular in the US. Skype seems to have its claws on oz.
  3. Skype and Venti are very different beasts.
    I had never thought of Venti for just a “chat lounge†type of thing.
  4. Vents not bad for a chat lounge, I used it all the time when I used to play WoW.
  5. It would certainly be interesting to hear internet heroes put their mouth where their keyboard is.
  6. +1 Good call ;)
  7. I just wanna hear joels voice, it would inspire me throughout the day.
  8. you know it, Brett.
  9. Om nom nom?

  10. my mistake - I thought they were both VOIP / instant messaging applications. What has ventrillo got that makes it diff to skype? A few peeps from the US have asked me to join for group chat but I've always just blown it off because I use skype for that. Should I switch over?
  11. Skype is Voice Instant messaging, like MSN or the like, it works like a telephone
    Venti is more like a chat room, you join a channel and many people are able to communicate, it is great for online gaming with many people involved (Think WOW, Planetside, 1942 that sort of thing)
    There is nothing wrong with having both installed for different purposes.
    I use Venti for gaming, I use Skype for calling people
  12. I didn't get into vent for gaming as the free server was only 8 connections, so I used Teamspeak as the free version allowed 99.

    I hear vent has upped their free license? what is it now? I might set it up again.

  13. Fair enough! I might check it out.
  14. I prefer Ventrilo over Teamspeak, as the Ventrilo protocol has better sound reproduction and appears to be more efficient. It is also a simpler and cleaner application to use.

    But, the host really needs to be a decently spec'd server with a good sized connection to the Internet. Not really the sort of thing a home broadband link can support.

    I have only ever seen Skype operate as a peer-to-peer client. Ventrilo is multiple-peer-to-server. I think Skype may have a hosted server system that supports many simultaneous connections. But how that works and at what cost I don't know.
  15. Vent FTW! :grin:
    met some good mates gaming on SoF2, used to play/chat for hours on ventrillo.
    also met a couple when i rode up to sydney, speaking of which i need to do it again sometime :)

    i reckon set up a NR channel, that would be sweet. no need for a free server limited to 8, just find an old channel floating around, or a room nobody uses anymore, get everyone on there :grin:
  16. +1