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Netrider tutorial vids

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Kris, Oct 1, 2012.

  1. Have any of our experienced netriders considered putting a video together displaying the fantastic Stickied advice above in actual practice? Those threads are really great but it would be good to see a helmet-mounted vid of on-the-road cornering techniques with a commentary (either live in-helmet or added later) by Rob or Raven or Flux or any of our tutor-types.

    Just a thought :)
  2. YouTube has million of clips demonstrating the above
  3. Everything on the internet is correct, of course...

    OP: http://www.atwistofthewrist.com/
  4. Clearly.. and every piece of journalism is factual?
    I was going to attempt to play your reference, but then it asked for Quick Time, and I said hell no!!

    OP: I'm not being a smart arse, but believe YouTube is a valid and great repository of clips of beginners to view introductory content, as I once did..
    But, take from them what you want. The majority of clips will be educational and helpful, but you will get some idiot clips, just being heroes..
  5. Not enough time. Not enough pay.
  6. Have you seen the "are you hot " thread

    do you really want people like me on camera ?

    - even a helmet is not enough to hide my ugliness as scooter boy (smileedude) told me
  7. Aww poor didums you sound scarred. Would you like a lollipop to make it all better?
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  8. It's a good thought. YouTube does already have a lot of it, but it would be good. Knee dragon has done some on gear changing, and I have a couple of vids best suited for advanced riders, which should not be seen publically, but by person and a softer one on 'lines'.

    It would require a lot of work, if it would need voice-over dubbing though. And that would make it, it's most useful.

    I'd be happy to do one (the riding bit), if someone else could drive it along,,and out it together...
  9. No homo but you're actually not bad looking, smilee just felt a twitch 'twixt his nethers when he saw your photo and had to insult you to cover his confusion.
  10. It was trawling through the detritus of youtube vids that made me ask in the first place :)

    Maybe I just wasn't searching very well but most of what I found was prefaced by bad 90s techno or Nu Metal, a slow 360 shot of a bike and maybe even some footage of a guy suiting up.. (obviously crucial to setting the mood of the piece). Then a slow-talking american guy would come on and babble for half the video about why he thought it was a good idea to make the video because people are always comin up to him and saying, like, 'Hey Jerry, I need a little help with my corners cuz like, the other day I was riding to Wal-Mart and this...' etc etc to frustration.

    I like the straight-forward tone of the Stickys and just thought it'd be neat to have the same advice accompanied with footage of a good rider going through the twisties.. talking us through what s/he is doing as they're doing it.

    Seeing as the season is soon upon us for recreational riding and lots of folk will be getting the GoPros out.. just thought I raise the idea of using those powers for good :D

  11. Harsh smileedude, very harsh ;)
  12. There are loads of vids out there on the interwebs ... let your googlefu lead you ...

    in the meantime these vids from captain crash are good for noobs ... they are made in the US so some may find them a tad cheesy by oz standards but lots of good basics in them.


    PS I had trouble embedding .. sorry about that.
  13. A few weeks ago I saw that all of A Twist of the Wrist II was on Youtube. Learners can't do better than to watch, then re-watch, and perhaps also read then, then re-read, this stuff. If it's taken down and people can't access it elsewhere for free then buy it - think of it as the cheapest but most valuable piece of protective equipment you could buy after your helmet and gloves, and possibly even above all protective items.
  14. Watching videos and so on is nice but getting out there with someone who can give you direct feedback is best. I am amazed that the mentoring thread is relatively quiet.. Why not use that? Apart from the stickys you mentioned, the mentoring is the best thing being offered by NR, IMO.
  15. Yes indeed...it is under used, and for reasons I cannot fathom either mate.
  16. I have to say, it ain't easy to ask someone you admire and respect but don't really know at all to be your mentor.

    Personally, I'd love nothing more than to spend a few hours with yourself, or rob or one of the other mentors who could look at my incredibly noobish technique (or lack thereof) and help put me on the right track, but then I think about how incredibly selfish and unrealistic that sounds and don't quite have the balls to send anyone a private message about it.

    Might sound stupid, but in a much smaller context, it feels a bit like rocking up to Hollywood and asking Johnny Depp for private acting lessons.
  17. Well then, you just asked didn't ya! :))

    So PM me with your bike type, where you live, anything specific relating to your riding you think you really feel you need help with, and we'll organise a ride together. The only down side, is that you have to buy the coffee's.

    Ready for your PM.

    On a different note...the mentors on the list, weren't pushed into anything. They have volunteered to help. Not quietly. They are putting their hand up in front of everyone, and saying, 'I'll help you, if I can'. They are willing participants.
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  18. This man wins a RHOK key ring - pm me your details

    flattery gets you free stuff :)

    ( ps Smileedude his helmet will melt in the first rain shower - we engineered it that way for him )
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  19. Aww great, prizes now awarded for insulting smileedude. Form an orderly line people.
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  20. Hard to go past Raven for excellent mentoring.