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Netrider Toolbar for Internet Explorer and Firefox browsers

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Jul 25, 2005.

  1. Announcing the all new Netrider Toolbar :applause: :applause:

    What does the Netrider toolbar let you do?
    • Search from anywhere on the Web
      Get instant access to Netrider - forums, links directory, calendar, partners...
      See the latest forum topics through the built-in RSS reader
      Blocks annoying pop-ups
      Includes cookie cleaner, history cleaner, and cache cleaner

    System Requirements:
    Microsoft Windows NT/2000/XP
    Microsoft Internet Explorer 5.0+ or Mozilla Firefox

    It's free, with no spyware or viruses, does not open pop-ups or hijack your searches, and no personal information is required.

    Download and install yours today! http://netrider.ourtoolbar.com/

    DOES NOT spy on your browsing habits. URLs of pages you visit are sometimes sent to our server, but only to allow generation of relevant categories. The information is then promptly erased. To ensure your anonymity, there is no unique ID that can distinguish one user from another.

    DOES NOT launch pop-up or pop-under advertisements. Like Google, we make money by selling highly relevant sponsored links (advertisers pay per click, not per appearance). We never displays any other advertisements.

    DOES NOT "hijack" your searches. When you use a search engine you will see that search engine's results, not ours or our advertisers'.

    DOES NOT modify pages you visit. Whenever you visit a web page you will see that page, not some other page filled with advertisements.

    DOES NOT block uninstall. Our toolbar can be removed in seconds through the Uninstall command in the main menu or through the Windows Add/Remove Programs dialog. The uninstall leaves nothing behind.

    DOES NOT cause software malfunctions. We have been meticulously checked for bugs, and is constantly improved with user feedback.

    DOES NOT slow down your connection. Our toolbar exchanges only a few bits with the server each time you visit a website - not nearly enough to effect your connection speed.

    DOES NOT download anything on its own. You can manually update the software, but our toolbar will not download anything without your consent.

    DOES NOT create security holes: will not make it easier for other people or programs to access your computer.
  2. People still use IE? ;)
  3. Can you get a version with just the instant netrider access buttons and the news RSS reader? All that other, um, stuff i dont need clashing with what i already got.
  4. Will it work for firefox to ?
  5. Ok , guess i should have read it properly first :oops: . . Firefox in a few weeks . Sounds good :D .
  6. exactly! Why would anyone use an archaic insecure program like that!!
  7. Cause too lazy to install anything else. :wink:
  8. Because it represents the pinnacle of American Corporate enterprise, of course, silly!
  9. what's an 'IE'? :LOL:
  10. Hey mouth, just installed the toolbar but there's no buttons no nothing. Just a blank gray toolbar. Using IE6 + Windows XP
  11. Does it have shaft drive?
  12. Good Idea Mr Mouth.

    I shall wait with baited breath for the Firefox version.

  13. Don't know about the toolbar, but it should be popular here since there are so many tools who spend their time in bars!!!


  14. some of us behind :shock: :?
  15. That too, I guess..

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. Why would you need a toolbar for Firefox? You've got live RSS feeds in your toolbar if you want them, google bar if you want it ...

    *shakes head*

  17. Well, cos I can? and why not? doesn't hurt anyone does it.

    You can get google bar for IE, and RSS feeds for that, why not include those in your comment?

    <insert best imitation of Basil Fawlty raise eyebrows and "tut tut"> :D

  18. I started to knock together a toolbar for firefox.
    Nothing special, just a dropdown menu linking to each of the forums, and thought I would add context menu support for BB code and mabie some sort of PM checker.
    Firefox already includes a search bar, popup blocker and live bookmarks for rss feed.

    Any other ideas for useful features??
  19. iffracem wrote
    Agree . My turn to *shake head*.