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Netrider - the ultimate addiction

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by carri27, Jul 21, 2008.

  1. [​IMG]

  2. looks like kenny was just hiding from you in there :LOL:
  3. He looks delighted.
  4. Settling into parenthood nicely there Kenny.

    (someone needs to photochop in a pipe)
  5. Something tells me it's his ONLY escape to get some 'me time' :LOL:
  6. Was gonna PM ya to ask you somethin mate ..
    UNTIL i read your profile :
    Occupation: dodging questions :LOL:
  7. Bloody 'ell mate! Its that bloke from Simply Red!
  8. hehe, My hobbie is making bold unsubstantiated statements. :LOL:

    But if you've got a question fire away, I'm happy to do some overtime.
  9. Unfortuanytely most of the questions he is dodging are from the popo.. lol
  10. it's alright kenny, when it's noisy, i hide there too.
  11. Just before that shot I had taken a photo of Carri breast feeding from a rather awkward position to help eleviate a blocked duct, that I found hilarious and decided it needed to be a kodak moment.
    She was defensless and couldnt move, so this was her way of getting back at me the cow. :LOL:
  12. i cant say that i have such a
    "delighted" look when im on the can.
    he must be on the metamusil.
  13. So what kind of "me" time does one have in the loo with a laptop anyway ;)
  14. :worthlesspics: :p
  15. Sorry VCM, as much as Carri doesnt mind showing her boobies, as her old avatar pic and facebook can testify to, if I posted it, she would kick probably kick my ass, then kick me out, and grant me access only weekend access to our boy :cry:
  16. Nice slippers :LOL: