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Netrider tattoo

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by petersteelefreestyle, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. To the noob guy i was talking to in Upwey that was sitting on his thou infront of a group of school girls thinking he is cool... telling me that his mate got a netrider tattoo on the inner of his left arm. HAHAHAHAHA WHY. Seriously that's taking the netrider poser to a new low.

  2. pics or it never happened.
  3. How can i get pics when i was being told about the tatt. The nub would be on the fourms
  4. We'll i want the n00b to post it... so i can tease him so I can feel better about myself
  5. Peter please elaborate on the chicken strips on the guys bike... i love nothing more than seeing someone act cool in front of people (a school however is creepy, they are a max of 18) with 10 inches of strip
  6. 18's legal...
  7. 16 n a half iirc
  8. Somehow i dont think year 8 girls are legal.](*,)

    I get frustrated when people say they dont wear gloves. As for chicken strips, His rear looked fairly new. Clean k3/k4 thou.

    There has been a bike power whoolien around Upwey the last few months. I can hear the lumberjack choppin away
  9. ive got strips atm. its a product of new tryres and commuting. does that mean i dont get to show off to school girls??? thats why I bought a bike in the first place!

    Its less risky than pulling my wang out and lots more impressive :p
  10. I want to see it!!!!!
  11. i really don't get that ...... wh ... why ......
  12. Like a blunt pencil; I have to ask with this thread... is there a point?
  13. Here, use this:

    Attached Files:

  14. the tattoo or slicks wang?
  15. Not as fast as Jean Todt :)
  16. The wang of course :p
  17. Upwey.... Nibs got a 1000? :p

    Honestly, that's commitment, not knobbery. Hell, i'll bet Hornet has a secret netrider tattoo, despite his subsequent denials....

    (And I call bullshit on the posing... unless you too were hanging out in the Upwey high carpark or the IGA/Skate Park carpark...)
  18. A couple of years ago someone mentioned getting the Netrider logo tattooed on his arm. I said, "you do that and I'll pay for the tatt".
    It was all scheduled for when we were in Sydney for the expo. The week of the expo he chickened out
  19. At the risk of sounding stupid...." whats a chicken strip" ???:-s
  20. It's the very edge of the tyre that is not used because people are too "chicken" to lean over too far.

    See this

    No chicken strip