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Netrider stickers ?

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by iamvinhy, Apr 5, 2005.

  1. I saw takagawa's post for netrider merchandise & it got me thinkn..

    how about "netrider" stickers for ppls bikes? just another way to
    recognise more people from the forum :LOL:
  2. Netrider stickers have been available for a while.
  3. oh serious? lol

    sorry - im new, didnt kno :)
  4. Actually we don't have any Netrider stickers at this current time. There HAVE been some stickers floating around in the past tho. The sticker subject has been brought up a few times and we have put out the word to see if anyone can get them made up at a cheap price or even donated but at this stage nothing has come up.
  5. If the kind people at Netrider send me there logo or an eps file to produce a sticker, I will kindly provide you one "free of charge".

    I would computer cut the logo to the size that suits your bike.

    Send logo to steve@directprint.com.au
  6. How about we get 50 stickers made up?

    I'm happy to pay for them if they are going to cost you money.
  7. Vic,

    give me the size and the logo, and I will donate the 50 stickers...maybe I get a credit for warnings...lol
    I will never get a warning so drop that one, shit, I will just do them for free.
  8. Goodonya vtrsteve

    Vic.... any chance of getting one of the stickers ???? (donation to netriders in return of course!)

  9. I'd be interested in those.....
  10. Woo-hoo!

    Put me down for a couple please - but like Vic I'm happy to pay for the cost of producing them. Failing which, I'll gladly buy you a beer or 3!
  11. Good onya Steve,

    Wonder if there are anymore people out there with hidden talents or contacts.

    I would definately be interested in a sticker, and would be happy to pay for it.
    I was a member of the Australian Surf Owners Group and the best seller they had was the good old aussie stubby holder, everybody should have a stubby holder under the seat of the bike...it's an essential part of the tool kit. (for when your thirsty and need a coke an stuff)

    If interested I will ask the people who do our promo gear to give me a price on 50 or so. I think they also do rubber keyring tags.
  12. When I get the logo, I will produce some, so I guess Jason may be the man to request them from....

    We may do some in gold as well...up to Jason
  13. Gotta BUMP this.

    Did you get any response Steve?
    Flipper.... Jason..... did you get in touch with Steve?

    WAAAAGGHH I Wanna Sticker :shock:

    If they don't come to the party, I'll grab 50 slightly modified OFARC stickers \:D/ (willing to pay)

  14. Me to Me to Me to... I want one too..
  15. We are in the process, sent an email to Jason today to approve the logo, I have been waiting to see if it will be netrider.net.au or will it be netrider.net.au
  16. I think Netrider numberplate frames would be trick. I will see if my old boss' contacts in china can do fer us.
  17. We got them. But they need to be touched up.
    They currently have the old URL on them.
  18. Vic do you have many of them? I was thinking we could just make an overlay sticker if there's not to many.