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Netrider stickers all states.

Discussion in 'Archived' started by TRA, Jun 21, 2010.

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  1. I have for sale some netrider stickers. They are machine cut vinyl stickers supplied on application tape (masking tape).

    They stickers show are 100mm wide, 60mm high.

    Prices inlcuding postage are:

    2 colour stickers
    2 for $5
    avaialabe in:
    Red and Black
    Red and White

    Also have a limited amount of single colour chrome. Due to the cost of this material they are 2 for $5 as well.

    Single Colour stickers
    4 x for $5

    Single colour can be had in any of the following colours:
    Silver Metallic

    If you have a request for other colours please send me a PM.

    Here is some pics of the red and black on my bike.


    Note, I am getting some enquiries about 2 colour stickers with Red and another colour. For me to make 2 is not possible as I end up with a heap of wasted material. The very bare minimum is about 15 to make it worthwhile. If I have offcuts, I may be able to help out. If not perhaps others might be interested and you can post up here or PM and if there is enough responses then I will make them up.

    I can also do custom sizes at a price (as well as custom stickers /shameless plug ).

    If you are interested, send me a PM with style and quantity and a postal address + real name (otherwise will be posted to your netrider name).. I will send you my account details.

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  2. is it possible to get red and white instead of red and black?
  3. If you can hold out till I make the next lot I can add in a few white ones. There seems to be plenty of interest, so I dare say that wont be far away.

    Edit: I am thinking about making some red and white stickers. These would be suitable for black surface, such as the rear fender on my bike :) If anyone else is interested let me know and I will start a cut of red and while.
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  5. Feedback for the future: I wouldn't put a sticker that big on my bike.
  6. very decent... i'd shove it somewhere like on a few cars and maybe one on my pillions helmet :D
  7. (y)Well. Just got my collection of what looks like very good quality Netrider stickers. Best tenner I've spent in a while. Onya Andy(y)

    Ibast, the sticker is actually a bit smaller than I thought. Wouldn't look too big on a Viffer screen or back of helmet etc.
  8. Thanks CFVFR.

    I am currently in the process of purchasing a new machine with better resolution, so hopefully I might be able to make some even smaller ones soon
  9. better resolution?, dont u just cut vinal? not print on them

    or as in smaller cuts? keen to know

    yet to do my research in them
  10. Better resolution in the servo motors. The newer ones can make finer, more precise cuts. Whatever you do, dont buy one with stepper motors (ie cheap chinese ones) as they are all but useless for anything but large lettering and very simple designs. Roland in my opinion, is the only way to go, but there are others out there that are good, ie mimaki.
  11. cool, thanks for the tips :)
  12. Got mine yesterday cheers
  13. i'll be ordering in 3 or 4 weeks :D
  14. These look nice, definitely getting myself a couple in the red and black.
  15. Looks good

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  16. Just got my bike back today.

    First thing that went on was this...

  17. Mirror's folded back for super awesome aerodynamic advantages? :p

    Once I get my new bike, depending how I want it to look I may hit you up for a custom design ;)
  18. welcome back george :)

    TRA, how would these stickers go on a Hi Viz safety vest, the fluro ones, would it stick to it well?
  19. Probably not very well. You can get material that can be heat pressed onto clothes etc. If there is some interest I will look into the cost of it and see if it can be pressed onto hi viz vests.
  20. I'll probably need 3
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