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Netrider Statistics - a new high record (again) for February

Discussion in 'Site Announcements' started by Mouth, Mar 2, 2006.

  1. Following on from our winning of 2 prestigious Hitwise Top 10 Awards, here our record breaking site statistics for February (doing well considering it was only 28 days too!)

    66,700 unique visitors
    10.78 million hits serving 408,500 pages
    47.7 Gigabytes web data transfer
    62 new members
    275 new forum registrations
    22,750 new forum posts
    1,200 new forum topics
    30% of visitors originating from overseas
  2. Cheers, I was about to check them too :) Saved me the effort on dialup.
  3. How much of that is just Hornet? :p
  4. Come on, thats been done to death.

    At least 95% of Hornet's posts have something worthwhile in them

    Kishy on the other hand................ :shock:

    When have you ever seen Hornet post

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: in a response to a thread with no other text?


    good :)
  5. Wotta U want text for when emoticons get the msg across
    just as effectively?
  6. Re: Netrider Statistics - a new high record (again) for Febr

    ...consisting of:
    320 something to do with Eswen and/or chocolate
    124 "bloody cager blind moron drongo psycho" & variants
    162 "anyone for coffee / food / intercourse" threads
    194 funnies, 3 of which were original
    86 "Hi, for my first post I would just like to sell my bike on NetTrader"
    67 indignant "Wot 'appened to me post"
    40 "MRA = bat guano"
    83 "Woe is us - the world thinks we are second class citizens"
    102 "my d i c k / is bigger than yours"
    18 "newbs should buy gear"
    2 original topics.

    Note. The above is not necesarily the heading of the topic, just what it turned into.

  7. Actually he has done it in a few threads and it's not a bad thing.
  8. Cause after a while it looks like it's just a half assed attempt to get your post count up. Even replies butchering the english language are better.
  9. Re: Netrider Statistics - a new high record (again) for Febr

    geeze.... i feel like the netrider mascot now
  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    see what i mean?
  11. out of the new memberships.
    what are the state nsw,vic,qld,act,wa,tas,nt breakdowns for new memberships ? :?:

    :twisted: :idea:
  12. Re: Netrider Statistics - a new high record (again) for Febr

    Why, is that made out of chocolate too?
  13. New member here for Feb... WA = 1 !!!

  14. Lighten up Vic. Getting personal on one bloke looks just as childish as getting personal on a nother. Keep it offline if you don't want to look like a prat.
  15. But I am a Prat.
  16. well in that case you wouldnt care if we deleted a few hundred of those unhelpful posts would you... ;)
  17. Hey I offered 2 take it offline wif him but he be sticking 2 having his
    digs in cyber space :)

    Offer remains.. as it does with anyone else :wink:

    U can start by deleting the above unhelpful post of yours, then going
    thru the rest of ya 2700 posts :LOL: :-({|=

    Lemme know once ya done.. :)
  18. According to the official stats - 4% (yeah I know it was a rhetorical question but there's your answer anyway).
  19. Common knowledge Vic doesn't like Kish....
    Common knowledge Kish offers to hurt people all the time...

    anyone know Don King?
  20. Jesus Kish, I don't mean offline like THAT ya maniac.

    I mean criticising people in a public forum is like having a go at somebody at work in front of the whole office. What are they going to do but get defensive and aggressive?

    If you actually want to achieve anything, much better to do it via PM, email, phone call or for best results, a beer.